Hacking into my psp go n1004


Just been offered a psp-go that says PSP-N1004

First thing I did was updating it via the internet.
I'm running official 6.38 now.

Big mistake no doubt... because I'm now trying to find a way to hack the baby.

I like the 10 free games that came with it so far, but soon I will be wanting to try before I buy more games.
Yes I do think spending money on stuff people sweat to make is something everyone should do.

Could someone please tell me what I should do if I want to avoid that message that says "No applicable update was found"?

That wuld be very much appreciated, even if you tell me that all I can do is wait until the "applicable" HEN marked above 6.38 is released.

Thanks for your answers,


Mole :cool:
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