Hacking a psp slim 2006



my little brother has a psp slim 2006 that my father bought 4 years ago. When he bought it, it was already hacked by the seller. Nowadays, he was doing something with his friend and now the psp is not reading the isos in the MS and its running only original games. I saw the version of the FW and its 6.10 . I think my little brother has updated and so he lost the hacking...

How it was bought several years ago and it was already hacked, i think it doesnt have that unlockable motherboard.

Please, I would like to know if you can help me, showing me a tutorial that I can use to hack my brothers psp with pandora battery method and then update to the newst version of custom firmwares. I saw other sites, but this one here is the most respected.

Thanks for your attention,

Bruno Campos.
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