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Hey guys,

Just wana keep yeah updated on my process of getting back to playing the DC. Like I said when I joined, I pulled out my Dreamcast from sitting in storage for a couple of years thinking "Hey it worked then it's just gotta work now...right?" Heh I was wrong didn't work seeing that nasty R1 fuse went just as I plugged a controller in I had a couple seconds of fun then I waved good bye to my older DC oh and the controller that blew the R1 fuse. After attempting to fix it and ultimately failing at it I went on good old Ebay and was able to buy one paid $40 with shipping and came with a OEM DC controller still sealed so I couldn't complain. It just arrived yesterday and I plugged her up put in Sonic shuffle since it was lying around and was able to play a few games it was great good old memories. Now coming to the climax today my copy sealed and un-open for 9 year vintage glory on a disc Evolution: World of Sacred Device arrived and I couldn't wait got home from work put it in, powered it up and WHOA! ......nothing happened just a little message saying "Please Insert Disc" can you come up with worse luck? I do have a Warranty from the seller he will replace ii. I tried everything from re seating the disc to blowing on it, Yelling at it.....threatening to play the PS3 yet like a broken record it played continued to pop up that message :cry: .

So I'll be playing my game soon enough like maybe in 2 weeks with the mailing rush for X-mas and all but I'll just have to wait, like I said before "You win some you lose more" lol. I'll look on the brighter things like I still have my Dreamcast embroidery design couple ppl at Gamestop wanted to know where I bought the jacket X_X lol

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"The game that started it all, Evolution: DC"
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