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    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

    Extra cutscene Complete the game with 100% to unlock an extra cutscene.
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    Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

    Ball Pop Game While in the connection room to the Drablands, if you do a Pegasus dash (L1/R1) and the walls or pillars, a ball will fall from the ceiling. If you slash it, it will pop up in the air and you can keep hitting it to keep it in the air. Depending on how long you keep it up, you will...
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    Earth World Defense Force: World Brothers 2 - Bonus Characters Introduction | PS5

    Earth World Defense Force: World Brothers 2 - Bonus Characters Introduction | PS5
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    Metroid: Samus Returns (Nintendo 3DS)

    Bonus Chozo Memory 100% item completion, view first ten Chozo Memories.
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    Bravely Second: End Layer

    Demo Bonus When you complete the demo and save your data, you can then use this data in the actual game to unlock the Three Musketeers Set.
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    Find Mii

    Defeating enemies Use R while fighting enemies that are sleeping or imprisoned in ice. The game time speeds up and you get more hit points.
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    Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

    100 Free Collection Mode Tokens Complete Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the first time and then return to Collection Mode.
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    Yo-Kai Watch

    Excitement Coin Enter this password TW0B1T5 at the #2 counter at the Post Office. Take the Excitement Coin you receive to Crank-a-kai to exchange it for s Yo-Kai or item.
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    Star Wars: Rebel Strike - Bonus Disc

    1 (M) Must Be On 2NA2-D437-0PPM6 6FPM-7447-T0U52 N9AP-QEMG-J2X8A W03J-A7N3-Z41DN H64X-9B38-GNRDM 09MU-8KYV-M1KME 7VFG-QE5Q-T4VYW Star Wars Arcade 2 Infinite Shields TW06-2KKM-EJYD2 CWR4-CXTY-MUMQJ 3 Max Score 9RHG-C5D6-4TQU8 2DFD-K42K-F2QG1
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