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Excitement Coin​

Enter this password TW0B1T5 at the #2 counter at the Post Office. Take the Excitement Coin you receive to Crank-a-kai to exchange it for s Yo-Kai or item.

Various Passwords​

Enter this password at the #2 counter at the Post Office.

2rBkYbbKid's Trophy and Sun Bracelet
33R31Excitement coin
8RMtS9aWrinkly Trophy and Reflector
AfxHat Trophy and Sleep n Study
AkLdjF3Bottle Trophy and Heavenly Sash
AnkHunger Trophy and Brute Bracer
C0URAG3Red Coin
C3j5rBsGood Job Prize and Big Bottle
CHAR1SMAReceive Pink Coin
ERGddjHood Trophy and Lunar Ring
EqyfHeart Trophy and Meteor Badge
F3FAcW9GSnake Trophy and Pink Coin
FPKZjMaster Trophy and Thick Specs
Fxw4SnFComedy Trophy and Ancient Scale
HhZ7Granny Trophy and Silver Doll
HtXLAShark Trophy and Galaxy Charm
HzKCool Hair Prize and Orange Coin
JSGpGStilt Trophy and Die of Fate
KsBPEel Trophy and Ski Mask
KwPSDragon Trophy and Light Blue Coin
LWjsEPBeetle Trophy and Cicada Sword
MYST3RYYellow coin
MkEStylish Trophy and Green Coin
NaIxMochi Trophy and Cheery Coat
STR3NGTHOrange coin
T6hQXwzDemon Trophy and Crystal Ball
TW0B1T5Receive Excitement Coin
Thank youReceive 5-Star Coin
TwGBird Trophy and Tough Bell
WakHxN5XDarkness Trophy and Guard Gem
WdFBuzz Trophy and Holy Exporb
YKz58zbKatana Trophy and Holy Exporb
ascSlither Trophy and Large Exporb
cJxRSack Trophy and Beefy Bell
cTvthHorse Trophy and Mega Exporb
cXBmoYmvPapa Trophy and Vampiric Fangs
cjUwfYNLion Trophy and Sleepillow
dquKappa Trophy and Reversword
enyQKcKimono Trophy and Nail Bat
fkcKmC9oTengu Trophy and Fiend Badge
gkHSeaweed Trophy and Sticker of Hate
h4QRadStag Trophy and Iron Plates
hNcDFlutter Trophy and Spell Bell
kHfynh5YGlasses Trophy and Fiend Band
mJBJKGambler Trophy and Golden Doll
ojXrMeow Trophy and Speed Bell
rAzkFDUVWild Trophy and Fiend Charm
rFFP8mTriclops Trophy and Holy Exporb
rQYqwfWannabe Trophy and Restraint Belt
sPFECupid Trophy and Purple Coin
srsvvShogun Trophy and Turnabeads
tjGCicada Trophy and Yellow Coin
trzSfShell Trophy and Golden Doll
uSFDaze Trophy and Monkey Circlet
xDRt9n84Cloak Trophy and Venoct Gauntlet
xygToothpick Trophy and Red Coin
z4jy3Mane Trophy and Blue Coin
zDCJGuardian Trophy and Ritzy Studs
zbMk2CphCyclops Trophy and Fiend Ring
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