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Demo Bonus​

When you complete the demo and save your data, you can then use this data in the actual game to unlock the Three Musketeers Set.

English Version Demo Bonuses​

Complete the following Play Bonus feat from demo to transfer over to the full game. Twenty villagers from demo also will be transfer over to the full game as well.

UnlockableHow to unlock
Ambitious Cavalier SetDefeated Gargantua at Wind Temple.
Cavalier's First Mission SetDefeated Hawkeye Asterisk.
Cavalier-In-Training SetStart playing the Demo.
Full-Fledged Cavalier SetDefeated Ba'al V ; Urchin.
Learned Cavalier SetCompleted every kind of monsters in Bestiary.
Legendary Cavalier Set TurboDefeated Ba'al V ; Urchin at Hard Difficulty.
Seasoned Cavalier SetCompleted both Pharm-Lab and Munitions Factory to Lv5.
Veteran Cavalier SetAll characters base level reach lv20 and all job levels reach Lv4.

FreeLancer costumes​

You can only unlock 4x FreeLancer costumes in game with the method below. After you have meet the requirements ,you will need to UPDATE DATA on those two games first before you UPDATE DATA on your Bravely Second End Layer to receive the costumes. On the EU Version the Freelancer costume can be brought from the weapon shop in Chompshire for 200,000 pg.

CostumeHow to unlock
FreeLancer Costume x1Register your Bravely Defult Flying Fairy 's bravely code on Member's site.
FreeLancer Costume x1Register your Bravely Default For The Sequel 's bravely code in game.
FreeLancer Costume x1Clear the Ending of Bravely Default For The Sequel.
FreeLancer Costume x1Clear the True Ending of Bravely Default For The Sequel.

New Game+​

After finishing the fourth chapter of the game, you can opt to save and go to the title screen, from which you'll be able to use this file to start a "New Game+". This will let you bring all sorts of data, including items, money, character builds, asterisks, and more, to a new file.

Furthermore, if, during the new file, you press Start once you gain control of Yew in battle, as if activating Bravely Second, you will be able to continue to the second half of the storyline. Take note that this will disable New Game+ for this file again until you beat the game. You will also be able to redo all of the asterisk sidequests in this file all at once, letting you pursue the asterisks you missed the "first" time around.

After beating this "true" ending to the game, you will unlock a more proper New Game+ option again, this one letting you restart from any chapter of your choice. (Note that chests will not respawn unless you start from the prologue.)

Spawning Extra Hero Shield​

Hero Shield is 2nd best Shield in terms of stats but resist all element and considered the best shield You can normally obtain only 3 Hero Shield via Bloody Shield in 1 playthrough: Stealing 2 from Geist in his rematch fighting, and 2 from a post game dungeon chest. With the glitch, you can obtain multiple Hero Shield Typically, After you fight 255 battles with the Bloody shield equipped, it changes into a Hero Shield. There is only 255 battle counter, regardless of how many Bloody Shield you have equipped or how many characters have Bloody Shield. The game assume you have the Bloody Shield on the Left Hand as normal and a weapon in the Right Hand, thus Disposes the item on the Left Hand and put a Hero Shield in it's place However, the game get confused when you have the Bloody Shield equipped on your right hand via the Knight Ability "Dual Shield". After the 255 battle Counter is complete, The game check for 1 bloody shield on the left hand on all character to dispose, and checks inventory next. If there isn't 1, check is considered complete. On Character with bloody shield on Right hand: shield on the left hand is unequipped and placed into inventory and an newly spawned Hero Shield in it place. That Hero Shield need to be verified, otherwise when you unequip the bloody shield, the bloody shield with disappear.

Thus unequip the Hero Shield and equip it with another character.
1) So Have a character with ability "Dual Shield" and equip 2 shield, with Bloody Shield on the Right Hand. (Yew for example.)
2) If you have any other Bloody Shield in Inventory, do the above on another character. (Tiz, Edea for more)
3) Fight 255 battles battles with the Bloody shield equipped
4) Yew's equipment should now be Bloody Shield on Right Hand, Hero Shield on Left Hand.
5) Unequip the Hero Shield and equip said Hero shield on another character. Glitch is now complete. and you can treat your equipments as normal (Step 5 is to prevent Bloody shield from being deleted)
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