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Bonus Chozo Memory​

100% item completion, view first ten Chozo Memories.

Extra Reserve Tank & Metroid II Art Gallery​

Scan the Samus Amiibo from the Metroid series.

Energy Reserve Tank & Sound Test​

Scan the Zero Suit Samus Amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. Series.

Gravity Suit Pose​

Finish the game in over 8 hours.

Hard Mode​

After you've beaten the game, you'll unlock Hard Mode, which you can select when starting a new save.

Metroid In Samus's Ship​

After you've beaten the game, the menu screen will display Samus sitting in her ship as usual. However, she'll now be joined by the Metroid she saved at the end of the game.

Metroid Marker & Fusion Suit​

Scan the Metroid Amiibo.

Missile Reserve Tank & Concept Art Gallery​

Scan the Samus Amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. Series.

No Armor​

Finish the game under 4 hours.

No Helmet​

Finish the game between 4-8 hours.

Staff Credits​

After you've beaten the game, you can view the Staff Credits again at any time. It's available under the Options screen in the main menu.
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