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    Need advice

    Im seriously planning on getting a DC, probably next month (it will depend on the budget). Im a complete noob. Had a DC when it was its time, but everything legit. Just bought it at the local store, with games, accessories and i was done. It was completely legit. First question, what would it...
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    Painting Advice

    Hi, I was wondering if somebody would be able to give advice on how to paint a DC controller, I brought a DC a few weeks ago but the controllers are really grubby even after cleaning them 2 or 3 times, I know the controllers are next to nothing to buy brand new, but would like to make a...
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    U.S or Jap collection next? some advice

    So I'm nearing a complete mint collection of pal games, I've decided I want to go the whole hog and go for U.S and Japanese collections as well. Thing is I know the pal market like the back of my hand... average prices, availability, rarity, but I have no clue on the other ones, so perhaps...
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    Pso v2 advice

    Just start playing pso (off line) and im wondering what are the best ways to level up quickly. Im on Forest 2 and keep getting my butt kick by the dragon. Im at level 5 should I just keep doing the first forest level a few times till I get stronger or is there a better way? Thanks Sent from my...
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    Need advice on a good quality VGA to HDMI adapter

    The Atlona adapter as seen in Adam's video is going for $309 on Amazon. Seems kinda absurd. Anyone have other adapters they are using that work really well? I don't mind paying for quality but $300 + seems far fetched :o I was going to use it with my capture card and start making DC reviews...
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    Need advice to decide for my first PAL Shmup

    Hello everyone, My first thread is nothing but questions, sorry for that. Since I'm trying to complete a PAL set, I'm wondering which PAL Shmup to start with. Basically I do not own any DC Shmups but would like something colorful with nice sounds and gameplay. Is there any particular game...
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    Advice Req!: Buying a Photofast CR-5400 + 2x8GB SDHC

    Hey fellow pspers! A long long time ago I had a 1002 phat that was well and truly hacked and homebrewed, but I hit a tough spot and had to ebay it for cash :( Time passed and my GF bought me a shiny new brite, yes yes I know about all the things that it isn't, etc ;P Anyhow, seeing as how...
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    advice request

    im looking to make a 32gb mem card with the cr-5400 and x2 16gb cards. I would like advice on where to buy the cards i just want 32gb dont care about speed that much i just want the memory space. any help will be much appreciated. thanks in advanced :mrgreen:
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    PSP 1000 , Memory Advice

    Ok guys , Ive had my PSP 100 Since release day , And never had a problem. Ive ran ALL CFW's and never had a problem. But nowadays im running into one large problem thats beginning to annoy me. Its MEMORY. Now i have upmost of 150GB Of PSP Backups that i have to keep swapping and changing about...
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    PSP GO Advice Needed

    You think they'll make a new PSP Go? I kinda want one, but I'm wondering if I should wait for the new model or just get the Go now. The only thing most people discuss is wrong with it, is the price, and that doesn't matter to me much at all XD I need a portable and small Go, and I like that...
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    psp 3003 version 6.37 advice

    I'm really sorry about this as i am a noob but i need some advice on weather you can downgrade this version or not so i can homebrew it. I done some research and in some places it says you can but need to do surveys to get the software and in some places it says you can't. I have a pandora...
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    Firmware Advice wanted

    I'm not truely new to firmwares and all this but last time I played 5.50 Gen (FINAL) was the newest and latest craze. That said I've see that there are many new firmwares out there and looking for the best for me. I do have a UMD pile , and want to play games the Mem Stick. (also looking to...
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    Just bought a new PSP, and could use some advice.

    Hello all new to the PSP community. Well I bought a Metal gear solid PSP box set. Model:04g System Software: 6.20 PRO-B5 Version:3001 Ok, The question's I have are of course I would like to hack it. I have done alot of research of this. So far the 6.20 Pro-b5 is the best way to go for my model...
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    Need Advice On Old PSP

    Hello just found a old fat PSP-1001 with Firmwire 2.81 today. Now ive done some research and the best way to get this psp ready for Homebrew. Is to upgrade to 5.03 then to 5.50 Gen D3 (which ive found a guide for that) But my problem is should i take that route or is there a better way? Another...
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    Hey guys i'm buying a new psp memory stick & i need a little advice

    Hello,i just recently sold my psp 8 gig memory stick to a friend awhile back & all i got left is two psp one gig cards & one 32 MB card, my memory cards are waay too small for my psp games because i'm still currently using UMD dumper, i'm planing to buy a 16 memory stick card off of ebay on the...
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    Update to 6.37 advice pls

    Hi, my son has bought a psp of a friend who didnt play it anymore and it is on firmware 2.71 and plays games from the memory stick. It uses devhook software. If he updates to 6.37 can he still play old and new iso/cso games? What best for him to do now? Thanks
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    I need advice

    hello all, i have two psp's 1000 with cfw 5.50 gen-d3 i want to upgrade, but i need your advice since there r so many options out there, n e help
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    Just bought a new PSP, and could use some advice.

    Ok, I just bought new PSP the Model-3001 Version 5.50 So far all I find is it unhackable? If this is true no big deal. If not please list a link to where I can try to hack this bad boy. Thanx again everyone!
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    upgrading advice please.

    Hi Guys, Just dug my PSP out after not using it for quite a while. I have the original Jap PSP with custom firmware 4.01 m33-2. I'd like to upgrade to the latest custom firmware and would like some advice on which firmware to use and what do I have to do to get it on. Do I just run the...
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    I Need Advice for game choice.

    So for my 360 I have the following games. FEAR FEAR 2 Left 4 Dead Fallout 3 GTA IV Red Faction: Guerilla Oblivion UFC FUEL Now Im trading in FEAR 2 and FUEL. One of the games Im definatley getting with my credit is FIFA 09, I dont have a clue what other game to get, anything out there...
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