Advice Req!: Buying a Photofast CR-5400 + 2x8GB SDHC


Hey fellow pspers!

A long long time ago I had a 1002 phat that was well and truly hacked and homebrewed, but I hit a tough spot and had to ebay it for cash :(

Time passed and my GF bought me a shiny new brite, yes yes I know about all the things that it isn't, etc ;P

Anyhow, seeing as how Sony have become so cheap they don't even include a 32mb stick for game saves, I've been thinking about potential purchases.

I've had a look at the speed comparison thread already, so my understanding is basically the CR-5400 setup with 1 or 2 SDHC cards inserted will perform well enough yes?

At the moment I will only be using the storage for music, video and game saves. I'm planning on purchasing a 2000 slim from Japan in the not too distant future hopefully to get back into the pirate booty!

Do you guys think this would be legitimate, or do you think they would ship the CR-5400 with 2 fake sandisk cards?|65:1|39:1|240:1318

Thanks in advanced for any and all input :)
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