final kaoss

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  1. Jungle Pink worm, Banana bomb, Skeletal worm, Pink worm
  2. Cheese Pink worm, Banana bomb, Blue worm, Dynamite
  3. Medical Skeletal worm, Blue worm, Banana bomb, Banana bomb
  4. Desert Red worm, Pink worm, Skeletal worm, Blue worm
  5. Tools Banana bomb, Pink worm, Pink worm, Blue worm
  6. Egypt Skeletal worm, Pink worm, Red worm, Banana worm
  7. Hell Pink worm, Blue worm, Red worm, Dynamite
  8. Treehut Red worm, Skeletal worm, Dynamite, Blue worm
  9. Garden Banana bomb, Red worm, Skeletal worm, Dynamite
  10. Snow Dynamite, Pink worm, Blue worm, Blue worm
  11. Constyrd Pink worm, Pink worm, Banana bomb, Banana bomb
  12. Pirate Dynamite, Blue worm, Dynamite, Skeletal worm
  13. Fruit Skeletal worm, Red worm, Banana bomb, Skeletal worm
  14. Alien Dynamite, Blue worm, Red worm, Red worm
  15. Circuit Red worm, Dynamite, Dynamite, Dynamite
  16. Medieval Blue worm, Dynamite, Skeletal worm, Blue worm
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