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Home runs:
Find an enemy worm standing fairly close to the edge of the level.
Use the baseball bat to hit him into the water to get a "home run"
complete with baseball bat cracking sound, baseball message (like
"It's Outta Here", or "Bases Loaded"), and organ music.
Re: Worms Armageddon

Cool As Ice level:
The ice mission near the start is easier than it looks. Collect as
many crates as possible without using any utilities, then use the
jet pack to get up to the next section near the guard. Collect all
the crates there and stand on the polar bear's head. Point the
flame thrower at a spot just to the left of the guard, and fire. You
should get through the barrier protecting him, and the flames should
send him into the water.

Strap on your jetpack and get to the flamethrower. The flamethrower
is the most important item on this level. Use it to shoot at your
opponents. If it does not immediately kill them, shoot a fire barrel
to finish them off.
Re: Worms Armageddon

Super Sheep Racing:
If you have collected a crate at the very left of the level, and the
next crate appears at the very right, deliberately crash or detonate
your current sheep and set off a new one. This will save time.
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