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  1. F

    Cubix: Robots For Everyone - Race 'N Robots

    Passwords to beat game 100% To beat the game with a certain character 100%. Effect Password Game beaten 100% with Brutix BBVDBK Game beaten 100% with Cubix BBVFRL Game beaten 100% with Dondon BBVCBJ Game beaten 100% with Maximix BBBFB3 Game beaten 100% with Mozarelix BBBDB2 Game...
  2. F

    Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    Level Passwords Enter the following codes at the password screen to take you to the corresponding level: Ice: DHCV Volcano: TJJT Internal: JMFJ Palace: QNFS Submarine: DCNC Cove: XDKV Fire: CFCS
  3. F

    Aliens: Thanatos Encounter

    Passwords These are passwords for the easy difficulty setting with all five marines still alive. Effect Password Level 10 BP50Q9J0F Level 11 BP5JD9J0F Level 12 BP60VRS0B Level 13A BP1JSRS0W Level 13B BP202RS0S Level 13C BP2JNRS0Q Level 2 BP100280D Level 3 BP1JL9J0C Level 4...
  4. F

    Toy Story Racer

    Passwords Effect Password Start at Last Race and Unlocks Quick Race Toy Cube, Falling Star, Rocket, Rocket, Star Ball, Spiral.
  5. F

    Worms Armageddon

    Passwords Level/Password Jungle Pink worm, Banana bomb, Skeletal worm, Pink worm Cheese Pink worm, Banana bomb, Blue worm, Dynamite Medical Skeletal worm, Blue worm, Banana bomb, Banana bomb Desert Red worm, Pink worm, Skeletal worm, Blue worm Tools Banana bomb, Pink worm, Pink worm, Blue worm...
  6. F

    Godzilla: The Series

    Various Level Passwords Enter the chosen level password in at the main menu in the password option. Effect Password Level 2 NLQNNPBBKT or NLNRLLBBCT Level 3 DCSNSSJFGK or DDHGBMKFTK Level 4 PQNCMSJNMF or PTLCPSFNPF Level 5 KNJCFMCDBL Level 6 DFDDKBBFJN Level 7 TLRPJGQHJJ Level...
  7. F


    Level passwords 2 - K6T@1 3 - 1QT@@ 4 - KQYXY 5 - 1@FVQ 6 - K@FVP 7 - @JFV4 8 - KJFZR 9 - 16TJV
  8. F

    GAME website 'hacked', passwords obtained - Report

    Over 200 email addresses, passwords affected, it's claimed. Update: GAME has denied reports that its customer database security has been compromised. Click here to read the full article More...
  9. F

    Mega Man X3 Codes & passwords (for Super Nintendo)

    Zero's Beam Saber First you must defeat Vile in the secret factory that is accessible by hidden teleport chambers in Blizzard Buffalo's stage, Volt Catfish's stage, and Crush Crawfish's stage. At any of these locations find a purple teleporter, it will take you to the secret factory. Go through...
  10. F

    Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems tips & passwords (for Super Nintendo)

    Fighting Thanos Equip the Hulk with the power gem to fight Thanos at the end. You'll beat him in no time.
  11. F

    Mario is Missing Passwords (for Super Nintendo)

    Passwords First Room PVV23CZ First Door FCBSB6W Second Door YHYAMLZ Third Door Y4MOPFW Forth Door G5F96CX Fifth Door
  12. F

    Magic Boy Passwords (for Super Nintendo)

    Passwords LKLK LKLK Wet World 1 SQTH SQTH Wet World 2 GGGG HHHH Plastic Zone 1 RPBC CBPR Plastic Zone 2 FTBC FTBC Future Zone 1 JLNM RQDB Future Zone 2 JLKD JKLD Sane Land 2
  13. F

    Lost Vikings 2 Passwords & Walkthru (for Super Nintendo)

    Passwords ST3W Level 2 K3YS Level 3 TRSH Level 4 SW1M Level 5 TW0! Level 6 T1M3 Level 7 K4RN Level 8 B0MB Level 9 WZRD Level 10 BLKS Level 11 TLPT Level 12 GYSR Level 13 B3SV Level 14 R3T0 Level 15 DRNK Level 16 Y0VR Level 17 0V4L...
  14. F

    Lost Vikings Tips & Passwords (for Super Nintendo)

    How do you beat Tomator on the Baelog part First you have to get to float with your shield across to the right side of the screen. Pick up the bombs. Now float to the middle and drop the bombs on to the bricks with him on it. He will fall through to the bottom.
  15. F

    Lord of the Rings: Volume 1 passwords (for Super Nintendo)

    Passwords In the password screen, on the second and third lines, type in all numbers on both of them. With each different combination, you will get different results in stats and characters on your team. Here is one that I figured out and it gives you all of the characters including Gandalf...
  16. F

    Lemmings Passwords (for Super Nintendo)

  17. F

    Legend of the Mystical Ninja Codes & Passwords (for Super Nintendo)

    Bonus cave In the 4th level, there is a building which has 2 or 3 doors. Press "A" and Up at the same time. You should be in the window between the doors. That opens up a bonus cave.
  18. F

    Mario's Time Machine Hints & Passwords (for NES)

    Locations of the items Torch 776 B.C. Apple 1687 Egg 80 B.C. Steering Wheel 1520 Quill Pen 1602 Throne 31 B.C. Sword 1192 Physics Equation 1905 Propeller 1903 Flag (USA) 1969 Flag (New Indian) 1947...
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