What sorta hardware mod / adapter can I play with a 35mm hpj

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I'm working on another custom hardware trinket, and I have quite a bit of free space (about the size of a small jewel cd case, about as thick as two of them ontop of eachother).

There's not much I can do to manipulte the main console, but I do have a 35mm headphone jack I can play with.

I know there are adapters that can convert that directly to left-right audio ports...

Thats boring and small, and would take up less than an inch of space.

What else can one do to this jack? Are there any sort of audio-amplifiers / adapters / volume equalizer's that come in a nice compact package that would feed off of the jack?

I'm not looking for anything with flashy lights or displays, just a simple function manipulation.

(keep in mind, that I can easily convert the jack to red/white standard audio ports, so that could open up the hardware input limitations)

It would be bloody awesome if it didn't require a power source... But I will have space to put one variable knob (like a left-right equalizer, or volume). I could add a second if the new hardware requires it, but the end device wont look as stylish (I'd have to add the knob)

I've tried looking around, but I'm not really to fluent with audio hardware play, so I'm not too sure what I could / should be looking for.

Thanks in advance for any help!

If this turns out right, I'll share the entire setup! And if I'm happy with it, I might open a poll and see if anyone is interested in me perusing another slightly similar / not at all similar mod~


Bravo Tube Headphone Amplifier V3 EQ Equalizer valve US | eBay

Saw that and thought I'd share, that looks great, I've heard about analog/tube sounds, but not sure if that would fit / I'd have to rearrange -ALOT-

Also it requires power ~~ I'm not 100% sure I can pull that trick out of my hat.

Portable Equalizer Headphones Stereophone Case | eBay

~~ eh not as interesting, no knob control, just slider switches.
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