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    Four Player Adapter

    [h=3]Four Player Adapter[/HEADING] Typed out by Martin Nielsen ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- GAMEBOY FOUR PLAYER ADAPTER INSTRUCTION BOOKLET ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for...
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    dreamcast gets SD adapter

    Nothing found for 2009 03 29 Dreamcast Is Getting A Sd Adapter I want
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    DC SD Adapter Pinout HELP!

    Okay, so I am working on building JJ10DM's DC SD adapter »ØÄꤵ¤ì¤¿¥Ú¡¼¥¸¤Þ¤¿¤Ï¥Õ¥¡¥¤¥ë¤Ï¸ºß¤·¤Þ¤»¤ó I am using a Dragoncast vs link cable for connection to the serial port. The problem is, I am not sure what color cable corresponds to the DC pinout. Here is the Dragoncast link cable: So...
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    DIY PS2Controller/Keyboard Adapter

    I have seen many adapters which allow you to use your playstation controller on the dreamcast(such as: アイピルで「事後避妊」をしよう|アフターピル研究白書), does anyone know if this is possible without purchasing one of these products? Also, is there any way to take a regular pc keyboard (ps/2 or usb) and use it with...
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    Thinking of selling my BBA - anyone interested?

    Well due to a few money complictions I need to sell a few things to raise some money! One thing I think I'll be selling is my BBA (broadband adaptor) -anyone here be interested before I post it on ebay/other forums? Can come with a copy of PSO if needed - I also have boxed a copy of the last...
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    WTB Sega Dreamcast Broadband Adapter HIT-0400 or HTK-0401

    I'm wanting to go online with my Dreamcast and I only have broadband, no dialup connection. So I am looking for an HIT-0400 or 401 so I can play Quake online :D Does anyone here have a spare one they would like to sell?
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    What sorta hardware mod / adapter can I play with a 35mm hpj

    I'm working on another custom hardware trinket, and I have quite a bit of free space (about the size of a small jewel cd case, about as thick as two of them ontop of eachother). There's not much I can do to manipulte the main console, but I do have a 35mm headphone jack I can play with. I know...
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    Broadband adapter on ebay

    Theres a broadband adapter on ebay for sale right now, and its only at $76.51 Dreamcast Broadband Adapter (BBA) HIT-0400 LAN network | eBay
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    My $20 Broadband Adapter!

    I did it! I was able to find a Broadband Adapter for around my $20 budget, sort of. I actually found a Dreamcast system on eBay (with some accessories) for $55 shipped. I noticed the modem was removed and shown on the floor next to the system. I thought to myself, hmmm, why would someone remove...
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    Nerd Outbidding me on Ebay For Broadband Adapter

    This guy keeps outbidding me The thing is worth about 130 dollars. Its all the way up to 180 dollars. I'm now at my limits. He's either gonna pay way more than its worth or im gonna win, lol.
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    Selling Dreamcast Already + Broadband Adapter

    Whelp it was fun for a few days. Time to move on. I pretty much quit gaming. Bought this out of boredom and to try it out. Knew I was gonna sell it. I'm gonig to be selling VGA adapter and keyboard as well. It's still in the mail coming to me, lol! :mrgreen...
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    PS2 Controller to Dreamcast Adapter

    Hey guys, I have a PS2 Arcade joystick and I wanna play some arcade games on it, but the "PS2 Controller to Dreamcast Adapter" is over £20 on ebay. I have a few Dreamcast controllers in the house, would I be able to cut up the cable and make a adapter?
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    In need of a nice VGA adapter, can I get a reccomendation?

    Sadly, I lost a great auction with a console, controllers etc and a vga cable =( Now I am only seeing $60 and up VGA cables online, can someone recommend a decent priced well made one they have? Or a website to order from? I also am in the market for an AUX cable for the VGA to my TV but...
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    DCeric Gets the Hanzo VGA Adapter

    Thats right today I got my hands on a very special item called Hanzo. I refer to it as The Hanzo cause it demands that sort of respect. What this item does is allow you to play Dreamcast with a VGA cable which enhances the picture quality in 480p. The device also allows you to play games in...
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    There is a project Moband Adapter @ assemblergames

    Hey dc-talk people, i just found very exciting project named Moband Adapter (Dreamcast Modem To Broadband Replacement) ! Check this thread and support that guy: Error | ASSEMbler - Home of the obscure
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    Need advice on a good quality VGA to HDMI adapter

    The Atlona adapter as seen in Adam's video is going for $309 on Amazon. Seems kinda absurd. Anyone have other adapters they are using that work really well? I don't mind paying for quality but $300 + seems far fetched :o I was going to use it with my capture card and start making DC reviews...
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    Is the MoBand BBA adapter real?

    Cause I would definitely buy a Moband rather than the extremely expensive Dreamcast bba :!:
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    Any words on the Moband adapter?

    I was really excited when this when "announced" last year, as it gave me hope to finally connect my Dreamcast online. Has anything else been added to the development of this? Why doesn't the developer start a fund or maybe a kickstarter for this to finally happen? Original Moband Article...
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    Etekcity VGA-HDMI adapter

    I just got this adapter in the mail after seeing it recommended by a few videos showing that it works with the dreamcast. I tried it on one HDTV and while it looks great, it is stretching the image to 16:9. I tried to change the settings on the TV, but it seems like the converter is outputting...
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    Anyone want to sell a Broadband Adapter?

    I know this is a longshot... I'm trying to get a BBA but Ebay prices are ridiculous. Maybe one of you collectors has an extra? I'm not looking to steal one from somebody, I'm willing to pay a fair price. PM me if you're interested in selling. Thanks!
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