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    What sorta hardware mod / adapter can I play with a 35mm hpj

    I'm working on another custom hardware trinket, and I have quite a bit of free space (about the size of a small jewel cd case, about as thick as two of them ontop of eachother). There's not much I can do to manipulte the main console, but I do have a 35mm headphone jack I can play with. I know...
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    dreamcast games moving on to wii channel... sorta.

    New wiiware, mdk2 has been ported over. Not really a dreamcast exclusive, but one very good dc game. From the preview shots, I'm not too sure of the video quality. I am a huge shmup fan, and have a nice election going on my Wii of exotic like musha that I never got around to owning. Although...
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