Various troll tactics prevalent on this forum since schtserv attacks

Chat about the Sega Dreamcast and get cheat codes for it in the subforums.


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Types of tactics used in this forum on a daily basis:
detracting, diversion, thread derailing, creating discourse, creating disruption, baiting, manipulating for desired outcomes.

There are many others that are used too..

This has been prevalent in dct community since the first attacks of (dct pso serv, and dct forums by schtserv staff/admin).

**Mods should be aware of these tactics and ban users who exhibit these types of behaviors.**

Sure this is only temporary and the banned user can simply get another ip and create a new user account.
But that is the struggle of being a mod.
You have to constantly deal with this.
This is fact and not paranoia.
I have witnessed this happen here since 2009.

Either choose to see it with your own eyes or continue allowing it and the less relevant this site becomes overtime.
And to those that will write it off by saying it is typical internet drama..
I agree to a certain extent.
Noticing the increase in this type of trolling one can only come to the conclusion that it is a specific group.
Since this style of trolling only really became widespread in this community after the initial attacks.
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