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    Witch & Hero

    Control Final Boss's Attacks In the final stage, the final boss's aim can be controlled by using the shoulder buttons.
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    Various troll tactics prevalent on this forum since schtserv attacks

    Types of tactics used in this forum on a daily basis: detracting, diversion, thread derailing, creating discourse, creating disruption, baiting, manipulating for desired outcomes. There are many others that are used too.. This has been prevalent in dct community since the first attacks of (dct...
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    BEN 10: ALIEN FORCE Vilgax Attacks

    Cheat Mode Pause game play, select "Options" then "Cheats". Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Invincibility Enter everythingproof as a password. Big Smoothy Enter xlsmoothy as a password. Full upgrades Enter herotime as a...
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