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  1. F

    Integrate storage warehouses for all camps

    https://www.nexusmods.com/palworld/mods/331 About this mod It can make the warehouses of any of your strongholds integrated and universal. When you make items, the items in the warehouses of all your strongholds will be displayed, so you no longer have to go to the warehouses of other...
  2. F

    Embed tests

  3. F

    Smilie test

  4. C

    Einstein Kindergarten

    Nukes? "The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant." ~ Darth Vader That may be so Anakin, but deathstars are also insignificant. *yawn* Only the Thanos snap is close at 50% significant. What a noob. :eyeroll:
  5. F

    Forum description is now on showthread pages

    Right, so after a bit of messaging around & waiting on a reply over at vbulletin.org, forum descriptions on threads are now available.
  6. C

    09-09-09 Celebration Post Forum

    This pic is from Radkin, she made me post this because she beat me in Unreal Tournament (killer). HPIM2209.JPG
  7. C

    hi im a new member to this forum

    just dropping by to say hello and that ill probably be asking you a few annoying, awkward questions about connecting my dreamcast to the internet over the next few days lol
  8. C

    Any of you guys go the the SEGA forum

    It's not a bad place actually it's pretty cool
  9. C

    NBA 2K2 2011 Roster Update Help + Like the forum lay out.

    Nice job admins and mods, also hello to pcwzrd13, Adam K and many other cool people here. Can't wait for Shenmue 3!
  10. C

    Various troll tactics prevalent on this forum since schtserv attacks

    Types of tactics used in this forum on a daily basis: detracting, diversion, thread derailing, creating discourse, creating disruption, baiting, manipulating for desired outcomes. There are many others that are used too.. This has been prevalent in dct community since the first attacks of (dct...
  11. F

    Forum Runner app enabled!

    Now you should be able to browse around with no problems using a smartphone from apple or android, or any other mobile device.
  12. F

    Forum Rules & FAQ

    It seems that some of you forget some of the very basic forum rules that are commonly established among many community's. Here's a refresher. * Advertising * Promotion of any kind of Piracy is strictly prohibited, first offense, you will get a warning, second offense, you will get a 1 month...
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    Forum upgraded to 1.2.13

    Mybb recently released a security update for mybb and so the forum is now upgraded to 1.2.13.
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