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Additional guild card scenes​

Additional scenes can be unlocked by progressing further into the Caravan Questline, and through downloading DLC content.

SceneHow to unlock
Beach WeatherComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Capital CComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Caravan ComicsComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Dream MatchComplete "Skiff Competition"
DundormaComplete "Ladykiller"
Dunes (Day)Complete "Skiff Scuttler"
Felyne AttackComplete "Skiff Scuttler"
Frozen SeawayComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Furry FriendsSaved Dundorma from crisis.
Golden WingsSaved Dundorma from crisis.
Great HitSaved Dundorma from crisis.
Heaven's MountComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Light & ShadowComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Lotsa WachasComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Lovely PoogieComplete "Skiff Scuttler"
Meownster MatComplete "Skiff Scuttler"
Metal EmblemComplete "Skiff Scuttler"
Monster MuralComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Primal ForestComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Puffy ZamtriosComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Quest for TruthComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
R&RComplete "Skiff Scuttler"
Raging SeregiosSaved Dundorma from crisis.
Roaring TigrexComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Seltas DocumentSaved Dundorma from crisis.
The Ace HuntersSaved Dundorma from crisis.
The WorldComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Treasure ChestAcquired via download
USJAcquired via download
Velocidrome RunComplete "Skiff Scuttler"
Volcanic HollowComplete "Advanced: Heaven's Wheel"
Warning!Complete "Skiff Scuttler"
White LightningSaved Dundorma from crisis.
Zinogre DesignDownloaded "Down to Business"

Guild Quest - Additional enemies​

There are additional enemy bosses which you can unlock in Guild Quests by completing their respective quest chains.

EnemyHow to unlock
BasariosComplete the following quests: "Swinging into Action", "Kecha Wacha Wallop", "Research: Basarios".
KirinComplete the following quests: "Crazy Stupid Love", "Advanced: Fleet Action", "Advanced: Shipping Out", "Research: Kirin".
Yian GarugaComplete the following quests: "Remobra Remedy", "Research: Yian Garuga".

Mario and Luigi Costumes​

Dress your Palico in either a Mario or Luigi getup, but only for a limited time! This free costume is only available from February 13 to March 15 of 2015. Follow these simple steps to get them:

Make sure you update your game with the 1.1 patch. You can do this by going to the eShop!
Enter your house and talk to the housekeeper.
Select the "Downloadable Content" option.
Enter the Gift Area option on the menu.
Download the free Starter Pack.
Now you have the Starter Pack which consists of the following items:

x50 Mega Potions
x30 Honey
x15 Mega Dash Juice
x30 Well-done Steak
x10 Max Potion
x20 Lifepowder
x5 Ancient Potion
x30 Flash Bomb
x30 Sonic Bomb
x15 Pitfall Trap
x15 Shock Trap
x6 Super Mushroom

The six Super Mushrooms are what you'll need to forge the costumes. Follow the next set of steps to finally be able to dress your Palico as one of your favorite plumbers!


Make sure you have completed the first two quests from the Caraveneer!
Ace Palico must be deployed (change this option on the Palico board in your house).
Have three Large Barrels (you can buy these from the Street Market).
1300z on hand.

The six Super Mushrooms from the Starter Pack.

NOTE: You will only be able to forge one of the Super Mario costumes! You'll either create the Mario costume or the Luigi costume.

Talk to the Smithy (The Man).
Go to the "Forge Palico Gear" option.
For "Weapon," forge the Invincible Hammer.
For "Head," forge either the Mario Cap or the Luigi Cap.
For "Chest," forge either the Mario overalls or the Luigi overalls.
And there you have it! If your gear didn't already equip, you can always return to your house and use the Palico Board to do so.

Monster Location​

Search the sky for a hotair balloon and use the wave gesture. It will shine and the location of the monster will briefly appear.

Rainbow Pigment Effect​

Complete 1-7 Stars Caravan Quests (excluding TRAINING quests) to unlock the Caravaneer's Challenge Complete ALL Caravan quests (excluding Training quests) to unlock the Master's Test.

EffectHow to unlock
Rainbow Pigment EffectComplete "The Caravaneer's Challenge" urgent quest.
Rainbow Pigment EffectComplete "The Master's Test" (if completed before the Caravaneer's Challenge).
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