Stuck after sony logo. Help plzzzzz


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I had CFW 6.20 or something in my psp 1000. Today my faceplate came from dealextreme. So i put in the new face plate. Turned on my psp. It was out of battery so charged it for 4-5 mins. The sony logo comes on and goes. Then the psp get stucks on the blank screen, not really blank but the one with wallpaper. The wallpaper is having that wavy animation it normally does.

Then i thought taking out the battery would help. SO i did. It wont even go to the sceen where it asks the date.
Then i put in my pandora battery in and re flashed CFW and even OFW also 5.03/5.33, still same. I formatted the flash memory, all of them. IF i am on CFW , i can even go in registry hack (by pressing

** Just noticed as soon as the sony logo goes away, it gives me loading sign (bottom right). And thats it. Nothing else

Any idea anyone ??

Auto-Merge: And ya , 1 more thing. once am on the loading menu. I can even start vsh menu. Its like it working fine , it just doenst goes to the main sceen
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