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    dreamcast home built arcade stick / PAL dreamcast blue logo

    Just wondering if anyone else had any like this, a friend gave me this a long time ago ! thanks, p.s I also was wondering if anyone could tell me , I saw a PAL dreamcast for sale on ebay w/ the blue logo and it's going for over 200$ w/ only a vmu and 2 controllers , can anyone tell me why ...
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    DC logo in Mall?

    Just something random I came across one day. I was in my local mall (which I rarely go to) to buy something and on my way leaving I noticed that on the display window of a toy shop there were some familiar looking spirals (see attached picture).. I didn't go inside as I'm sure it was just pure...
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    Stuck after sony logo. Help plzzzzz

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Please move it I had CFW 6.20 or something in my psp 1000. Today my faceplate came from dealextreme. So i put in the new face plate. Turned on my psp. It was out of battery so charged it for 4-5 mins. The sony logo comes on and goes. Then the psp get stucks...
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    some games stucks and psp turn offs after showing psp logo

    some games stucks and psp turn offs after showing psp logo Avatar,motostrom and some other, but many others areworking :- ace combat,piolet acadamy, marvel super hero. and many are working 6.39 pro b9 psp 1001
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