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  1. C

    Sony Japan Meets Dobbs in USA

    I had the honour of meeting Wataru Mohri of Sony of Japan. A knowledgeable young lad who loves to play "Metal Gear Solid" series on his Sony PS3. He brought us in some "Lucky Cat" malt candy, packaged very cleverly. It is to bring you good luck. It was great meeting him and I appreciate him...
  2. C

    New Sega and Sony Items!

    I went to the flea market today and picked up some new items! :D I went a little bit overboard on the Sony stuff, 'cuz the guy I was buying stuff from had a bunch of stuff like that. And yes, I do feel bad for it. :( So, here's all of the new stuff I got: Sony PlayStation: -Turbo Prop Racing...
  3. F

    Nintendo & Sony are making a Mario movie?!

    Sony and Nintendo are apparently teaming up to make a new Mario movie.
  4. C

    Sony Talks PlayStation Now

    Sony's PlayStation Now open beta is well underway on PlayStation 4 and is set to spread to PlayStation 3, Vita, PlayStation TV, and certain Bravia TVs this fall. We spoke with VP of Sony Network Entertainment Eric Lempel about how the cloud gaming service is going, pricing models, possible...
  5. C

    Opinion: How Sony Should Manage PlayStation Now

    It's been a big day for PlayStation Now news. Not only did Sony just announce that it was sending out PlayStation Now beta invites, but rumors have started circulating that Sony could be prepping PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 emulators for the PS4. While Sony is still working out details like...
  6. C

    Opinion: Microsoft And Sony Show True Class At PlayStation 4 Launch

    I’ve recently opined about the console wars and how the bickering that takes place between groups of fans isn’t the same thing as competition. Last night, Microsoft and Sony drove that point home by showing each other the utmost respect. It started with a tweet from Xbox Live director of...
  7. C

    Sony now lets you buy digital PlayStation games from Amazon and other retailers

    Sony has decided its PlayStation Network (PSN) Store isn't going to be the only place you can purchase digital PlayStation games. Utilizing a model similar to Valve's PC game marketplace Steam, the company will allow online retailers to launch their own storefronts for Playstation 3, Playstation...
  8. C

    Here's a look at what's inside the Sony PlayStation 4 retail box (video)

    With the PlayStation 4 launch just days away, we finally have a retail unit in-house here at Engadget to show you. And, no, we will not be presenting it to you through the power of a Daft Punk parody. What you will find in our unboxing video, however, is a clear look at the final packaging for...
  9. C

    Sony tears down the PlayStation 4 in hope you'll line up to get one

    Sony may not ship the PlayStation 4 to North American stores for days, but we already know what it looks like on the inside thanks to one of Sony's occasional in-house teardowns. In photos and a video for Wired, engineering lead Yashuhiro Ootori dissects a retail console down to its motherboard...
  10. F

    Sony 2013 Press Conference

    Here it is right here!
  11. F

    Playstation 4, the New Sony Console

    PS4 Rumored Specs: Specs: http://www.vgleaks.com/world-exclusive-orbis-unveiled/ CPU: Orbis contains eight Jaguar cores at 1.6 Ghz, arranged as two “clusters” Each cluster contains 4 cores and a shared 2MB L2 cache 256-bit SIMD operations, 128-bit SIMD ALU SSE up to SSE4, as well as Advanced...
  12. C

    Sony and Dishonored top E3 Critics Awards

    14 nominations for PS3 firm; Halo 4 and Last of Us also lead. Dishonored, The Last of Us and Halo 4 have topped this year's E3 Game Critics Awards, nabbing four nominations each in the annual North American press-voted Best of E3 picks. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Lush...
  13. C

    Microsoft and Sony spend millions on new domains

    Platform holders keen to get new '.xbox' and '.sony' URLs. Sony and Microsoft have coughed up over $2.5 million combined to secure fancy new domains. Click here to read the full articleRelated Stories Tony Hawk dev signs up for Call of Duty Massive Zone of the Enders HD screenshot gallery...
  14. C

    Sony: Wii U a potential risk but PlayStation is going strong

    It all comes down to content, says Sony Europe boss Jim Ryan. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Jim Ryan has described Wii U as a "potential risk" to the PlayStation business. Click here to read the full article More...
  15. C

    Wii U 'is in its own generation', says Sony dev exec

    Shuhei Yoshida says Wii provided another generation of consoles running in parallel. Nintendo's next games console is not in the same generational category as the next Xbox and PlayStation, a key executive at Sony has claimed. Click here to read the full article More...
  16. C

    News round-up: Vita reviewed, Sony gunning for Kinect?

    All of today's UK gaming headlines in one place... It's been a busy day in the office, mainly thanks to Vita's midnight launch this evening. Click here to read the full article More...
  17. F

    Sony 'encouraged' by recent 3DS sales

    Proves there's room in the market for dedicated gaming handhelds, says SCEE boss. Despite Vita arguably making a slow start to life Japan, Sony says it is encouraged by a recent pick-up in 3DS sales. Click here to read the full article More...
  18. F

    Sony: 3DS sales prove 'high demand for gaming-focused portables'

    Andrew House pleased with Vita's outlook. SCE president and CEO Andrew House says healthy sales of Nintendo's 3DS proves that, despite the doom and gloom naysayers, there's still sufficient demand for dedicated gaming portables. Click here to read the full article More...
  19. C

    My PSP Go is broke sending to sony for free

    I got off from work waited for my mom to come pick me up and slipped my PSP open to play some delicious FFVIII to find my PSP Gos slider was messed up. The right side of the screen half of the system was falling off. I came home called sony. Told me my warranty was good since I bought it in...
  20. C

    Stuck after sony logo. Help plzzzzz

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section. Please move it I had CFW 6.20 or something in my psp 1000. Today my faceplate came from dealextreme. So i put in the new face plate. Turned on my psp. It was out of battery so charged it for 4-5 mins. The sony logo comes on and goes. Then the psp get stucks...
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