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I am a big SF fan and am aware that the Dreamcast version of Street Fighter Zero 3 for the Dreamcast is considered by the hardcore to be inferior to the Saturn(and PS2) version(s).

Could someone more knowledgeable that myself explain exactly what are the problems with the Dreamcast version and whether these inadequacies are noticeable if you are not a high level player. I always played the Naomi version of the game in the arcades, and the Dreamcast version was my first foray into Zero 3 so other than the Dreamcast controllers unsuitability, I have never really had any huge problems with the game.

Still, I love playing SF games with the Saturn pad and for completeness sake I may search for the game (I also love the artwork for that version) but I would like to know exactly what the differences are before I lay out a huge wod of cash for a game I already own twice (I have the regular and For Matching Service versions already).

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