Sonic CD

Cheat Codes & Tips for games using Android (Samsung, LG, huawei, sony, etc tables & mobile phones and in some cases laptops).

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Cheat Codes​

Play the following tracks at the "Sound Test" screen to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Secret special stagePGM 07, DA 07
Hidden artwork #1PGM 12, DA 11
Hidden artwork #2PGM 12, DA 2
Hidden artwork #3PGM 03, DA 0
Hidden artwork #4PGM 04, DA 2
Hidden artwork #5PGM 11, DA 0

Sound test​

Complete the Special Stage Time Attacks in under four minutes.


Remain idle for three minutes. Sonic will say "I'm outta here!" then jump off the screen, ending the game.

Super Spin Dash​

Hold down on the D-pad and press the 'Jump' button so Sonic spins on the spot. When you release the D-pad Sonic will move forward in a speed determined by how long the D-pad was held and perform his Super Spin Attack which is handy when you need to gain a lot of momentum in a tight spot.


Beat the game once. Tails will be selectable upon starting a new save file.
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