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Blue Spring Arrow​

Unlock Ten Panels.

Chaos Emerald Gloves​

Unlock Thirty Panels.

Diddy Kong​

Defeat him in Dream 110m Hurdles on Day 1 of the Mario adventure.

Dry Bowser​

Defeat him in Dream Javelin Throw on Day 5 of the Sonic adventure.

Eggman Nega​

Defeat him in Dream Long Jump on Day 4 of the Mario adventure.

Fire Flower Paddles​

Unlock Twenty Panels.

Jet the Hawk​

Defeat him in Dream Soccer/Football on Day 7 of the Sonic adventure.

Larry Koopa​

Defeat him in Dream Equestrian on Day 4 of the Sonic adventure.


Defeat him in Dream 100m Dash on Day 1 of the Sonic adventure.


Defeat her in Dream Rhythmic Gymnastics: Hoop on Day 3 of the Mario adventure.

Rouge the Bat​

Defeat her in Dream Golf on Day 7 of the Mario adventure.

Roy Koopa​

Defeat him in Dream Beach Volleyball on Day 2 of the Mario adventure.

Sticks the Badger​

Defeat her in Dream Archery on Day 3 of the Sonic adventure.

Unlock characters with no effort​

First find the character you wanna unlock in the Story Mode. Then, lose to them Next, While they are talking to you after you lost turn of your 3DS and wait at least five minutes. Get back to the game, and go back to the story Boom, you have just unlocked this character.

Wave the Swallow​

Defeat her in Dream BMX on Day 5 of the Mario adventure.

Wendy O. Koopa​

Defeat her in Dream 100m Freestyle on Day 6 of the Mario adventure.


Defeat him in Dream Boxing on Day 6 of the Sonic adventure.


Defeat him in Dream Table Tennis on Day 2 of the Sonic adventure.
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