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    Sonic CD

    Cheat CodesPlay the following tracks at the "Sound Test" screen to activate the corresponding cheat function. Function Code Secret special stage PGM 07, DA 07 Hidden artwork #1 PGM 12, DA 11 Hidden artwork #2 PGM 12, DA 2 Hidden artwork #3 PGM 03, DA 0 Hidden artwork #4 PGM...
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    Sonic CD

    Time Attack mode options: Complete the game, then restart the game in "Time Attack" mode. The following options will be available if the "Time Attack" game can be completed within the corresponding time limit. Music test Complete "Time Attack" mode within 37:27:57. A "D.A. Garden" option will...
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    Does anyone know how to get picodrive sega cd sound working?

    For the life of me I can't get the sound to work in sega cd of picodrive 1.51. For some reason, it doesn't recognize the mp3s, no matter what I've done, such as converting them from 44.1k to 44k hz (theyre supposed to be inn4k accoring to readme). Could someone who's got the sound to work tell...
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    Picodrive sega cd fmv games issue

    Hi All, First time poster but long time user of the website - I am using the sega cd picodrive software on my psp which i put togeather using the excellent tutorials on this site however, when trying to play certain roms using the sega cd it will not start the game it just dumps me to the...
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    Please help with sonic cd

    Pleas help me with this, I'm running a Picodrive on my PSP OFW 6.37 with the HalfByteLoader and tried to make the music work in Sonic CD, I've tried everything, the first thing being the .bin to .cso tool, it did make a cso file, but it still did not make the music work. Pleas help me! I really...
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    PC-Games CD Key store

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