PSP Go Start/Select Button Malfunctioning


So I went to replace one of the covers of my psp due to the screw wedge being loose. When I fixed that and put back everything together I found my start and select buttons not working. So I took it apart again and tried to secured the pin and even test when it was open. But no luck I think I must have stripped one of the wires on the board. Ive been looking around the web and cant seem to find any start/select buttons for the Psp Go. So I then saw that with Macrofire you can remap the controls. I followed the instructions but every time I turn Macrofire on the psp it will go into the clock sleep mode, until I disable it. Does anyone know how I can fix the buttons so far the only way Ive been able to get around it is through remote joy, and that only works if im around a computer. Any ideas?
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