PlanetWeb v3 Google Mod..What links would be useful to add?

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I'm not saying that I am going to mod PlanetWeb right now.
Just wanting to get an idea of what you guys think would be relevant dreamcast url bookmarks to add to the disk.


If I re-make the iso I would make it more stable and mod it similar to previous version...
(correct sort order and optimized)
I would keep the browser stock as far as the styles, filesystem, etc... i.e screensaver, splash screen, virtual keyboard, icons, etc.
It has been proven that any modification of the planetweb files results in an unstable browser that eventually crashes.
Atreyu187 describes it in his .nfo of Planetweb 3.0-RDC.
This was a protection method used to deter anyone from making an iso.
If I am not mistaken this was the same protection method used on Phantasy Star Online for DC.
Aleron Ives describes it in his .nfo of PSO v2.

The main mod would be a simple hex edit of the user agent to show as a current firefox browser.
This would allow some web pages to load that currently reject the stock planetweb user agent.
I do not have the knowledge of howto add a more recent version of flash to the browser.
Besides I do not think it would even be possible without source files and the ability to code.
None of which I have. :(

The other main mods would be the HTML re-direct, Home page set to Google, re-direct all relative Planet Web DNS entries to, and trying to fix the error box "File not found"...

Here is the previous version changes I made:

*Removed Referer "dereferer"
*Removed Address Book entries for planetweb.
(planetweb does not support this browser anymore. So why keep feedback and support email addys?)
*Added Bookmarks
(Dreamcast-Talk, Blue Swirl, Dreamcast Scene, DC Evolution, DC Emulation, El Bucanero, Segagaga,
*Added a Sega Swirl Screen Saver by gary_b
*Added a Splash Screen by gary_b
*Virtual Keyboard from PlanetWeb 2.004
*URL Bar transparency
*Loading Document Bar from PlanetWeb 2.004
*Loading Icon "Clock" from Sonic Adventure PlanetWeb in-game browser
*Start Menu from PlanetWeb 2.004
*All other GUI from PlanetWeb 2.606
*Allows Connecting to at Start (HTML re-direct)
*The Home Page is Set to
*Re-directs all relative Planet Web DNS entries to
*Everything else is unchanged


The "File not found" error message is in reference to the PW3 settings file.
Once you have saved your PW3 settings to VMU.

The error box "File not found" will not pop-up anymore.
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