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    Planetweb Status

    ALL, Below is correspondence that I just had this week with Ken Soohoo, FORMERLY of Planetweb. It was at first only about the fact that the website went down this week. It was this email (below) that Ken informed me of the changing of the wind. Hi Dobbs, Thanks for letting me knowâ?¦ as you...
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    Can't burn planetweb 3.0 for the life of me

    Hi everyone. I'm new here, and i've been a huge dreamcast fan for the longest time. I recently got a hold of a bba, and it works pretty well. The only problem i have is after trying a few different images, the original and the google mod included, i cannot get the program to start whatsoever...
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    PlanetWeb v3 Google Mod..What links would be useful to add?

    I'm not saying that I am going to mod PlanetWeb right now. Just wanting to get an idea of what you guys think would be relevant dreamcast url bookmarks to add to the disk. ^^^^^^^^^ If I re-make the iso I would make it more stable and mod it similar to previous version... (correct sort order...
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    PlanetWeb 2.6?

    I never see auctions or ebay listings for this ever. Was this included in one of the Dreamcast Magazine demo discs or something? Why is this so extremely rare?
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    Custom PlanetWeb Browser

    Was wondering if anyone has made a GDI rip of the final version of this web browser, the only versions out there have issues that constantly make it crash and almost unusable (Even dans - Login) No GDI rip exists anywhere on the internet, not even in this big collection...
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    Flash games in Planetweb?

    EDIT---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I downloaded a copy of Macromedia flash 4 and realise there is no action script to make games. It is just like a movie maker. Its a shame support for flash 5 is not on planetweb...
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