Can't burn planetweb 3.0 for the life of me

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Hi everyone. I'm new here, and i've been a huge dreamcast fan for the longest time. I recently got a hold of a bba, and it works pretty well. The only problem i have is after trying a few different images, the original and the google mod included, i cannot get the program to start whatsoever.

I've tried discjuggler, bootdreams, imgburn, burning the data at default burning the data at mode 2 burning it mode 2 + raw and even the utopia boot disc cant get the things to run (moose either locks up or moves at 1fps after loading the pw disc)

Does anyone have any clue why this wouldn't work? I'm at a total loss trying to figure this out but i'm dying to surf the web with this thing.

thanks in advance!

edit i forgot to mention that i can boot xdp, and it has planetweb 2.6 on there but does anyone know if theres a way to use the bba with this? i cant seem to figure it out :(
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