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final kaoss

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PalEdit is a simple user interface used for the editing and generation of Pals into save file data. Edit traits onto Pals so you don't have to deal with the whole breeding process trying to get perfect skills.

To add Pals to your saves, clone any pal that you like by Dumping them (Dump Pal) and then loading them again (Add Pal). Then change anything about this pal you like.


You can download it through Github or you can download the compiled executable zip file from NexusMods.

If the compiled executable is quarantined here on NexusMods; download it from the Github releases page here
Want to give a tip? I have a Ko-fi account; you don't have to but if you do, it's much appreciated :D

Getting a False Positive from Windows Defender? See the virus report here. It is very common for unsigned executables to get flagged with a False Positive. If you're worried about it, download the source code from GitHub and compile it for yourself.
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