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    HarveysWorld HarveysWorld Come join in the fun! Whether you have a lot of experience or you're a brand new player, you're welcome to join our server! There are many pals to tame, large unclaimed territories to call home, and a friendly community to be a part of! Important...
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    KnightByte Network 3x Fresh WIPE 24/7 Uptime | Nightly Server Restarts Experience seamless gameplay with our dedicated server, ensuring you never miss a moment in the KnightByte adventure. Regular nightly restarts keep the server running smoothly for an optimal gaming experience. Triple Experience...
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    PalEdit PalEdit is a simple user interface used for the editing and generation of Pals into save file data. Edit traits onto Pals so you don't have to deal with the whole breeding process trying to get perfect skills. To add Pals to your saves, clone any pal...
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    The mod only shows the full map (removes the fog of war from unexplored areas). The mod does NOT activate travel points; they must be explored independently. Tested on Steam version on a local server, community servers and official servers...
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    Problem with Dead or Alive 2 (PAL, no backup!)

    I got a Japanese NTSC Dreamcast and an original PAL copy of DoA 2. I'm using Action Replay CDX for playing imports. The problem I got is that when I run DoA 2 via Action Replay, the game's screen is shifted towards the bottom, leaving the upper third blank, while visual elements at the bottom...
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    Where to backup dreamcast saves?

    To my knowledge, Blueswirl's uploader is down and I can't find another website.
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    BlueSwirl website backup

    While looking for some stuff over at blueswirl, i noticed the link to dream explorer had just died within the past few days. Im going to send to impulse so he can back it up on here. Just wanted to say i think its a good idea if someone backed all the stuff up from that site. Especially the...
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    psp as a backup camera monitor

    psp 2000 has the psp go cam. what I would like to do is to connect my backup camera on my psp is there such a cable ( mini usb one end and s-video other end) and if so what will i need?, a software to run it or is the existing one would work ( using system software 5.00 M33-6) thx
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    restore a psp full brick with a flash backup on the mem stick

    i have a full brick that will ocassionally turn on with a pandora and an mms but when updating cfw the minute it gets to flash 1 it crashes i have a backup of the flash so i need to restore it how? Auto-Merge: this is a 1000 with 3.xx
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    I need a flash backup BADLY

    I need a flash backup BADLY because i screwed up Flash 0 and 1 on my psp 2001 running cfw 6.20 PRO-B8. i tried to switch the psp font and i trashed flash 0 and 1. whenever i boot my psp a blue screen saying system setting is corrupt pops up and i press o to repair. then it shows a black screen...
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    Problem w/ loading a backup.

    Hi guys. I have a PSP3004PB, 6.20 HEN TN-E. I'm using the Prometheus loader 0.1 Pretty much did anything by myself by reading and etc, but I have serious trouble with this. I own 3 legit games (2 from the bundle and 1 bought today) and I have no trouble with the playback of the first two...
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