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    PalEdit PalEdit is a simple user interface used for the editing and generation of Pals into save file data. Edit traits onto Pals so you don't have to deal with the whole breeding process trying to get perfect skills. To add Pals to your saves, clone any pal...
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    Bomberman Generation – Action Replay Codes [US]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for Bomberman Generation on Nintendo GameCube (GCN). Master Code – Must Be On NFN7-RYRN-TG2YN YKZF-W7C6-3T9Q7 Max hearts and infinite health WH2J-PJ49-38N0V PZ31-T0V5-6534Z HMV7-QAFQ-4FHN1 Freeze timer PD22-TP9K-W5NZJ UXN8-1BFM-2G95W Have max...
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    Bomberman Generation

    1 [M] NFN7-RYRN-TG2YN YKZF-W7C6-3T9Q7 2 Max Hearts And Infinite Health WH2J-PJ49-38N0V PZ31-T0V5-6534Z HMV7-QAFQ-4FHN1 3 Freeze Timer PD22-TP9K-W5NZJ UXN8-1BFM-2G95W 4 Have Max Bombs Y919-TWBG-6ZM1Z 2QYZ-4327-KT5K5 5 Have Max Fire 59AJ-FH7X-5BHT7 0X2B-GKNZ-M3VKB 6 Have Max Speed...
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    Dreamcast vs. This Generation

    After a lot of copying and pasting game ratings from GameSpot, I've come up with some interesting statistics comparing the games of the Dreamcast to the games on today's consoles. This is of course a matter of opinion (namely GameSpot's) and doesn't include ratings for every game but I thought...
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    I Don't Enjoy Current Generation Games

    I was playing Assassin's Creed on the PS3 and I got on a roof top and looked at the city from above, I was really amazed at how good it looked and how far we've gotten with video games, but then when I went back to Shenmue I realized that I am 1000 times more amazed at how far Sega got with...
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    Next Generation Online on Black Belt & Dural circa 1997

    Codename: Black Belt Black Belt: More Details Massive RAM for Black Belt Sega to Unveil Black Belt Sega Withholds Black Belt Announcement 3Dfx Confirms Black Belt and Banshee Sega Buries Head in Sand Developers Debate Black Belt High Voltage on Black Belt Black Belt from a...
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    Next Generation on Black Belt / Dural / Katana

    Hi all, long-time Dreamcast fan, just registered -- Wanted to share a Next Generation article from August 1997 on Black Belt.
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    Bomberman Generation

    Change ViewIn battle game mode when the word "ready" appears on the screen change the camera angle with the C button.
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    Ultraman tiga and dyna- fighting evolution(newly generation) JPN

    ultraman tiga&dyna- fightin evolution(new generation) slps_01455 @invicible civilian town 800B20FA | 0007 note:with this code am sure no monster can destroy your home dood @unlimited credit 800C9B2C | 004D @restore your health point D0092A60 | 1001 800928F8 | 0007 how to: hold L2, then press...
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    Agassi Tennis Generation (USA)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Enable Code (Must Be On) StalkerX 0000786C 000A 1000BEC8 0007 Top P1 Always Scores 0 StalkerX 33003430 0000 Top P1 Score Once To Win StalkerX 33003430 0004 Top P2 Always Scores 0 StalkerX 33003431 0000 Top P2 Score Once To Win StalkerX 33003431 0004
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    Violence Killer - Turok New Generation (Japan)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top 16-bit Activator Viper187 D1127F95 ???? Top Button Activator 1 Viper187 D00FC98A 00?? Top Button Activator 2 Viper187 D00FC98B 00?? Top Have Assault Rifle & Infinite Ammo slab D02F637C 0000 802F637C 0001 D12F6356 0000 812F6356 FFFF Top Have...
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    Human Grand Prix - The New Generation (Japan)

    Category Title Hacker Code Notes Top Activator 1 P1 Viper187 D00D57E4 00?? Top Activator 1 P1 #2 Viper187 D00AEE60 00?? Top Activator 1 P1 #3 Viper187 D00AEE66 00?? Top Activator 1 P2 Viper187 D00D57EC 00?? Top Activator 1 P2 #2 Viper187 D00AEE74 00?? Top Activator 1 P2 #3...
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    Nendoroid Generation [JPN ][ULJS-00441] CWCheats

    Nendoroid Generation [JPN] CWCheats _S ULJS-00441 _G Nendoroid Generation Max Money 9999999 _C0 Money 9999999 _L 0x003017B0 0x0098967F 1st Item Mod Type _L 0x003017B8 0x000000XX Quantity _L 0x003017BC 0x000000XX Item List xx Item Name 00 元気カプセル 01 元気カプセルX 02 元気カプセルSP 03 元気ボトル 04 元気ボトルEX...
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    The Xbox 720 Files: Microsoft's master-plan for the next generation

    CVG examines key details and breakthrough technologies found in the leaked 56-page document. Seven days ago, a supposedly "leaked" Xbox 720 roadmap surfaced on the online document archive Scribd. Soon after, links to that document began to circulate across social networking sites, before...
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    Wii U 'is in its own generation', says Sony dev exec

    Shuhei Yoshida says Wii provided another generation of consoles running in parallel. Nintendo's next games console is not in the same generational category as the next Xbox and PlayStation, a key executive at Sony has claimed. Click here to read the full article More...
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    'Next generation of consoles will be the last' - Paradox

    Sweedish dev boss predicts rapid decline of physical media. The next run of dedicated games consoles will be the last generation before digital methods and open platforms take over. Click here to read the full article More...
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    'PS4, Xbox 720 aren't the next generation - your TV is'

    If consoles forget what they're for, they'll be passed up, reckons Gaikai's David Perry. Making consoles is a thankless task, for one simple reason: they don't actually generate any profits until they are past it and in need of replacement. Click here to read the full article More...
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    SD Gundam G Generation World on 5.50 Prometheus 4

    Anyone knows how to make this game run on 5.50 Promtheus 4? I tried using the latest version of ISO Tools to decrypt and patch this game with either Prometheus4, TOTWRM3, or ME631, but the game only gives off a black screen when I try to run it. Also I tried switching the ISO Mode from SONY...
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    Motherboard Generation

    I am planing on buying a PSP-3000. Is there a way of knowing the motherboard generation it has from the box? I know about the tool posted on the forums, but I dont wanna buy a PSP to find out its not the one I need. (looking for g1-g5)
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    Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation 2 Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Ex Hard Mode Successfully complete Story mode. Music Player Enter the 'System' menu during a battle. Press Down, Up, Left, Right, L, R to listen to the game's background music. Special Mode Successfully complete EX Hard mode. Special Stage Scenario Have at least 35 skill points before...
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