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    Cities: Skylines II Official Release Trailer | Coming October 24th, 2023

    Cities: Skylines II Official Release Trailer | Coming October 24th, 2023
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    October Game Contest - Winners announcement

    The first official Game Contest has come to an end. We had some really great competition between Hobofreak and Gary_b. Congrats guys! Here are the winners... 1st place with $4350.01: Gary_b Reward: Custom forum Rank, Certificate 2nd Place with $4,216.67: Hobofreak SUNP0227.JPG Reward...
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    October Game Contest - Crazy Taxi

    The first Dreamcast-Talk game contest is underway. The game for October will be Crazy Taxi. We didn't get a chance to discuss what mode we will be playing in. I suggest Arcade rules at 5 minutes. The rules are: Post your highest score with a picture if possible Deadline to post your scores...
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    Hunt for Red October, the Instruction Manual (for NES)

    The Hunt for Red October NES-7H-USA The Hunt for Red October Instruction book Licensed by Nintendo for Play on Nintendo Entertainment System --- Starting the game Welcome to The Hunt for Red October. Here's some quick start information to help you begin your mission. - Insert the...
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    Hunt for Red October Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Installation tip If you are having trouble passing the gun installation (middle east) because you cannot reach the very top gun, you must dive down and then surface while moving toward the istallation while shooting surface to surface missles to get the top gun.
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    Hunt for Red October Cheat Codes (for NES)

    Trick the subs On some of the later stages, enemy subs will try to Crazy Ivan you (ram.) These subs loosely follow your controls, so if you can, get in a ditch or try to trick the subs into ramming the floor.
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    Hunt for Red October Game Genie Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    DD34-4761 Start with 0 bombs instead of 40 1734-4761 Start with 99 bombs C2AE-1404 Infinite bombs DD3F-47D1 Start with 0 torpedoes instead of 60 173F-47D1 Start with 99 torpedoes C2A0-1D64 Infinite torpedoes DD34-44D1 Start with 0 Surface-to-Air Missiles...
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