Newly bought Dreamcast has loud hum

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Hi everybody, hoping someone can help me with a simple problem here.

After a long hiatus I dug out my old Dreamcast to find that it won't read discs anymore. So I bought a new one on Amazon.

Each time I load it up, the regular hum it makes (not the disc seeking noise) is very loud. After a half hour of steady play it calms down, to the level where it's only a bit louder than my old Dreamcast. But next time I load the system up, it's loud again, repeat.

So my question is, can I expect this new Dreamcast to quiet down eventually, or is it loud because it's already been used too much? I seem to remember my old Dreamcast being louder once. The seller said the one I just bought had gotten 60 or so hours of use from him, and he bought it from someone else, so no telling how much use it's gotten over the years. My old Dreamcast, by comparison, has seen 200 hours of play, probably more.

Should I go in there with some compressed air and see if it's gummed up or something?
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