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    new shit you bought...

    are you guys still buying DC (or other old) stuff?? If so post pics of it here (or if we don't need this thread, kill it mods).
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    Newly bought Dreamcast has loud hum

    Hi everybody, hoping someone can help me with a simple problem here. After a long hiatus I dug out my old Dreamcast to find that it won't read discs anymore. So I bought a new one on Amazon. Each time I load it up, the regular hum it makes (not the disc seeking noise) is very loud. After a...
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    Bought Seaman 2 *imported* and Seaman Christmas off ebay

    Can't wait to play it soon,hopes it's fun and hope it's worth bringing out the ole' PS2. I just hope he doesn't speak japanese!
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    Dreamcast bought from Ebay - Does it look good?

    Hey guys. Some might remember my first post here where I said I was getting a Dreamcast, back in August. Unfortunately I couldn't, so I am now getting one for Christmas :) I bought this one: Does it look...
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    I just bought a Dreamcast!

    hi, welcome to the boards... unreal tournament, quake 3, soldier of fortune, outtrigger, half life and it's numerous mods...
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    I bought 2 New DC Games

    I went to The Next Level Gaming store today near my area and bought two new Dreamcast games: *Alien Front Online *Expendable I've been wanting Alien Front for a while now. Especially since I saw someone post a video of it here recently. I am not familiar with Expendable however. I know it is...
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    so i bought a vga box

    this one: Sega Dreamcast VGA Cable VGA Box NEW | eBay now, one side obviously connects to the dreamcast, but the other end doesn't connect to any socket on my tv (I got a pretty new tv, so there shouldn't be a problem) am I supposed to use another cable or something like that?
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    Just bought a Dreamcast!

    Bought a used one and it came in the mail today. I bought a couple of games with it as well, total everything came with is: 1 console 2 controllers 1 virtual memory card 1 regular memory card a/v cords Resident Evil Code Veronica Resident Evil 3 UFC ECW Anarchy Rulz Blue Stinger Caesars Palace...
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    Just bought a dreamcast

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forums. I had a DC back in highschool and I've been wanting to get one again for a while now. I finally bought this: Sega Dreamcast system 2 Console New games Keyboard VMU 4 Controller Gun | eBay I wasn't planning to buy two dreamcasts but the lot had the sealed...
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    What was the first DC game that you bought?

    Or if you bought several games initially, which one did you play first? Demo discs and web browsers don't count ;) When I bought my DC in 2001, I didn't have a lot of money, so I bought a used copy of Jet Grind Radio. That and the generator disc were my only games for a couple of weeks and I...
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    Guess Who Bought A Dreamcast Again.

    So I was on Evilbay.. I mean Ebay the other day and was just browsing. I do that from time to time when I'm bored or at work. I came across a used Dreamcast for $7.00. I decided what the heck and bought it. Didn't come with any controllers or VMU's, but that's okay! I still have mine from the...
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    Bought another Dreamcast today

    It is my 4th! I am playing Sonic Adventures right now after finishing Crazy Taxi. I need to find my Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament cd's for sure. Onve I do, I will join you online. A lot of my discs are lost as they have been of no use the past 3-5 years since I had no working Dreamcast. I can't...
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    Just bought a Sealed PAL Shenmue online, got a few questions

    Hey, I'm new to this forum. Please take it easy. I bought a sealed Shenmue PAL off ebay for £58 buy it now. It arrived this morning. I just wanted to see if any of you guys could tell me if its a legit seal and not a reseal? It can be hard to tell with Shenmue as there's no seal strip like other...
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    My friend bought a new Dreamcast stand....

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    So, I bought a new Dreamcast and some extras.

    My Second Dreamcast died two days ago. In my attempts to recalibrate the laser I broke the damn CD drive connector cable and damaged the tiny adjustment screw thingy. And um because I was having a bad day I smacked the damn console... She's history and I binned her, god rest her soul... - I...
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    Game Genie bought out?

    Right so I was looking at a new tablet today & out of nowhere, I see this. Copyright infringement? Did game genie of yesteryear sell out?? Looking at this tablet btw : ASUS ZenPad 3S 10 9.7" (2048x1536), 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC, 5MP Front / 8MP Rear Camera, Android 6.0, Tablet, Titanium...
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    Just bought a psp w/5.00 m33-6 and need assistance?

    So I just made a post a couple of days ago about how I was getting my girlfriend a psp and I WAS going to get her one with 6.35 installed and I simply was going to install 6.35 pro b3 on it... Well, things have a habit of changing and I ended up obtaining a psp with 5.00 m33-6 for a cheaper...
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    Does legally bought Dissidia Prologus save work with hacked psp downloaded Dissidia?

    As the title says I was wondering if a legally bought Dissidia Prologus save will work with the full Dissidia game if I get it when I hack my psp and download it?
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    Bought a new PSP-3001

    Ok, just bought a new PSP-3001. I had a PSP Go with 6.37 on it (bought it used that way) but got rid of it. Too small, no UMD, and couldn't put CFW on it. So this new PSP has 6.00 on it out of the box. From what I've read 6.35 Pro-B3 seems to be the best choice for me for CFW, or would I be...
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    Starting firmware from store bought PSP

    Hey guys. I want to be among the "hacked" PSP community and I have some money lying around and an unwanted DS. So I thought I might as well go to Gamestop and trade it in for a PSP. However, I am curious on to what starting firmware I am willing to expect to get if I do buy a new PSP. I did some...
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