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I went to my local arcade with a friend during the evening today. A usually busy arcade as it fosters some of the majority of the fighting game cummunity players in the area. Arriving there, I was immediately surprised to see an arcade cabinet housing the NAOMI version of the game. As I've always wanted an chance to play the NAOMI release to see how it compares to its Dreamcast brethren in terms of accuracy, I went thru an entire session of both Free Mode and Story Mode. After those sessions (as well as few versus matches) I'm happy to report that the DC version is one spot on port of the arcade! Of course this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone here but I'm one who likes to find out personally of these sorts of things. One thing I did notice while playing the arcade version though, is how Roberto's soccer slide special attack (quarter circle back, kick) causes some notable slowdown to the games speed. This does not seems to occur in the DC version of the game. Much like MVC2 (and few other titles), it looks like Capcom optimized and further polished the game when porting over to the lil console :D
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