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    BATMAN - The Movie (Ocean - Spectrum - 1989) RETRO DANUART

    Bruce Wayne. multimillionaire head of the Wayne Foundation is an unassuming, quiet type of guy. However, when night falls and evil stalks the streets, he sheds his daytime persona and becomes the masked vigilante of Gotham City - Batman!
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    Ace Attorney Investigations Collection - Announcement Trailer

    Ace Attorney Investigations Collection - Announcement Trailer View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EVF3Fx-ayPo
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    Cosmo Police Galivan II: Arrow of Justice - Action Replay Codes [JP]

    The following are known Action Replay Codes for Cosmo Police Galivan II: Arrow of Justice on Super Nintendo (SNES). These codes are for the Japanese version of the game. Infinite Health 7E126C60 Infinite Lives 7E148503
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    Project Justice

    I have finally gotten my hands on this game and I have to say that it is one of the greatest fighters I have ever played. I'm still learning the ropes but I really like what Project Justice has to offer. What do you have to think about this game that have played or owned it?
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    MVC2 & Project Justice, pal promo; anyone seen this yet?

    so I just bought MVC2 & project justice PAL versions when they arrived it seemed they are both factory sealed and on both boxes (not on the wrap , but under it) are "promotional copy not for resale" stickers I mean WTF!! I didn't know this existed, it has to be real since they're sealed
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    Project Justice problem

    I recently bought a used project justice and its in great condition but my DC won't read it but when I play anything else, even games in worse condition they work just fine, I talked to my friend about it and he said he had problems with his project justice when he bought a brand new sealed one...
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    Moero Justice Gakuen=Burn Justice Academy akaProject Justice

    aka Rival Schools 2 to the PAL region. I went to my local arcade with a friend during the evening today. A usually busy arcade as it fosters some of the majority of the fighting game cummunity players in the area. Arriving there, I was immediately surprised to see an arcade cabinet housing the...
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    Project Justice yzb

    trying to find a download link for this release but the one at iso zone doesent seem to be working anyone got a mirror for it?
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    Project Justice Rival School 2 - Promotional Copy?

    Hi guys hopefully you can help me out, I recently acquired a copy of project justice rival school 2 and upon inspection of the disc it has printed on the middle clear part ''Promotional copy - Not for resale''... although someone at some point has tried to scrub of the resale part. Can anyone...
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    Justice League Heroes

    Game ID: AJLE-b5d9a1d6 ------------ Source: Codejunkies This Code Must Be On 03807f1c ebafd838 CHARACTER 1 CODES: Max/Infinite Health b209df44 00000000 10000000 000003e7 10000002 000003e7 d2000000 00000000 Max/Infinite Energy b209df44 00000000 10000004 000003e7 10000006 000003e7...
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    Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

    Game ID: AGCE-8C488AB6 ----- Source: Codejunkies Choose 'New Game' to Have All Episodes Unlocked 920f286e ffbf0000 220f286e 00000040 d2000000 00000000 Infinite Mistakes 920f2858 00000001 120f285a 0000000a 120f285c 0000000a d2000000 00000000
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    Justice League: Chronicles Cheat Codes (for Gameboy Advance)

    Batman: Roundhouse Kick Press A (Punch) twice, then hold A the third time. Flash: Jab Press A (Punch) twice, then hold A the third time. Green Lantern: Green Punch Fist Press A (Punch) twice, then hold A the third time. John will unleash a green fist. HawkGirl: Mace slam Press A (Punch)...
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    Project Justice Cheat Codes (for Sega Dreamcast)

    Play as Burning Batsu Enter story mode and select Taiyo Gakuen. Intentionally have Batsu lose one round to Akira, Yurika, or Zaki. Iincyo will replace Batsu after the match. Burning Batsu will appear when fighting Vatsu. Play as Demon Hyo Successfully complete story mode with all schools...
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    Justice League Task Force Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Play as cheetah From the main page wait until the justice logo appear, then choose vs.
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    Cyborg Justice Cheat Codes (for Sega Genesis)

    Options Menu While playing, pause the game and press C, B, B, C, C, A, C, B very fast! If you have done this correctly an Options screen will appear.
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    King Arthur and the Knght's of Justice Cheat Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    View the ending Go to the Password screen and choose the Lady picture for each of the password slots, then press Start to view the end of the game.
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