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    Moero! Justice Gakuen (Import) (JAP)

    [h=3]Moero! Justice Gakuen (Import) (JAP)[/HEADING] Infinite Health P1 CCB3EE60000000C8 Infinite Health P2 A11B5807000000C8 Low Health P1 CCB3EE6000000000 Low Health P2 A11B580700000000 50% Health P1 CCB0EE60C0705038 CCB3EE6000000064 50% Health P2 A1185807C0705038 A11B580700000064
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    Moero Justice Gakuen=Burn Justice Academy akaProject Justice

    aka Rival Schools 2 to the PAL region. I went to my local arcade with a friend during the evening today. A usually busy arcade as it fosters some of the majority of the fighting game cummunity players in the area. Arriving there, I was immediately surprised to see an arcade cabinet housing the...
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