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Mike Tyson Punch-Out

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This official seal is your assurance that Nintendo
has reviewed this product and that it has met our
standards for excellence in workmanship, reliability
and entertainment value. Always look for this seal
when buying games and accessories to ensure complete
compatibility with your Nintendo Entertainment System.


Thank you for selecting the Punch-Out!!(R) Game Pak
for your Nintendo Entertainment System(R).

| Please read this instruction booklet thouroughly to |
| ensure proper handling of your new game. Then save |
| this booklet for future reference. |


CONTROLLER OPERATION...................................4
HOW TO PLAY PUNCH-OUT!!................................7
LITTLE MAC'S OPPONENTS................................14

1) This is a high precision Game Pak. It should not be
stored in places that are very hot or cold. Never hit
it or drop it. Do not take it apart.
2) Avoid touching the connectors. Do not get them wet or
dirty. Doing so may damage the Game Pak and/or the
Control Deck.
3) Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, alcohol, or
other such solvents.
4) Store the Game Pak in its protective sleeve when not
in use.
5) Always check the Game Pak edge connector for foreign
material before inserting the Game Pak into the
Control Deck.
6) Nintendo recommends against using a rear projection
television with your NES as image retention on screen
may occur.

Note: In the interest of product improvement, Nintendo
Entertainment System specification and design are
subject to change without notice.

(C) 1987, 1990 Nintendo of America Inc.


Little Mac: A 17-year-old fighter from the Bronx in New
York. He loves nothing better than a tough
Doc Louis: An ex-heavyweight who was a famous hard
hitter in the U.S. around 1954.

It all began one day when Little Mac and Doc Louis met
by chance. Doc became Mac's trainer, teaching him
everything there is to know about boxing. Doc and Mac's
story continues over a seemingly endless path, until
one day a champion is born.



Controller 1 - Used for all games
Controller 2 - Not used

To start a New Game

(- -) Pass key selection
^ New game
v Continue game

B or A Pass key input
START Game start
Round start

* Press the START button to begin each round.


During the Game

-) : Dodge to right
(- : Dodge to left
DOWN: Once: block
Twice rapidly: ducking

--- Left body blow (B + UP = Punch to left face)
| -- Right body blow (A + UP = Punch to right face)
| |

(When Mac is knocked down, press rapidly and he'll get

SELECT: If pressed between rounds, Doc's encoraging
advice can increase Mac's stamina
START: Uppercut (If the number of stars is 1 or



The title will appear when the START button is pressed
during the demonstration display. Using the top and
bottom of the control pad, select either a new game or
continued game. If NEW is selected, the game will begin
when the START button is pressed. If CONTINUE is
selected, use the left and right sides of the control
pad to select the pass key, then press A or B button to
input the pass key. If the pass key is correct, the
game will begin from the boxing circuit corresponding
to the pass key.

The title will reappear if the pass key is incorrect.
Reselect CONTINUE and input the correct pass key.
* The game will begin with Little Mac ranked in 3rd
place on the minor circuit. His ranking will go up
each time he wins a match. If he loses, rematch or
his ranking will go down.
* Little Mac will give up and retire if he loses a
total of three matches.
* The World Video Boxing Association's (WVBA) circuits
begin with the minor circuit and continue through
the major circuit and the world circuit.


Pass Keys
* Pass keys will be displayed when Little Mac becomes
the champion of the minor circuit and the major
circuit. Write down the pass key when it appears.
These pass keys can be input to begin the game from
the bottom ranking in the major or world circuit,
even when the game has been turned off before

* Little Mac's match record and circuit level are saved
with the pass key until he becomes circuit champion.

WVBA Rules
* A match consists of three rounds, each of which is
three minutes long.
* A boxer is knocked out (KO) if he does not get up
within a count of 10 after being knocked down.
* A technical knockout (TKO) is scored if a boxer goes
down three times in one round.
* The referee determines the winner according to match
points if time runs out in the 3rd round. (Watch out
for unfair "hometown decisions" against Little Mac.)


Be sure to write down your pass key!

Opponents Name Pass key

_____________________ _____-_____-_______
_____________________ _____-_____-_______
_____________________ _____-_____-_______
_____________________ _____-_____-_______
_____________________ _____-_____-_______
_____________________ _____-_____-_______
_____________________ _____-_____-_______
_____________________ _____-_____-_______
_____________________ _____-_____-_______
_____________________ _____-_____-_______
_____________________ _____-_____-_______
_____________________ _____-_____-_______


Hearts (Mac's fighting spirit):
Little Mac can punch whenever he has one or more
hearts. He will lose a heart each time his opponent
blocks or dodges out of the way of one of his punches,
and will lose three hearts if he is punched by his op-
ponent. When the number of hearts goes to zero, Little
Mac is too tired to punch (he will change color), and
must avoid punches by dodging or ducking to gain

The number of stars is the number of uppercuts that
Little Mac can use. When he scores with an effective
punch, a star will appear on his opponent's head and
the number of stars will increase by one. Little Mac
will lose one star if punched by his opponent and will
lose all of his stars if he gets knocked down. The
maximum number of stars is three.


Stamina Meters:
These meters show how much stamina Little Mac and
his opponent have left. Stamina will drop down when
a boxer is punched. A boxer will go down if his stamina
drops to zero; his stamina will recover when he gets
back up (although the amount of recovery depends on
the count on which he gets back up).
Once in each match Little Mac can receive advice from
his trainer Doc and get a stamina boost if the SELECT
button is pressed during an interval.

Match Points:
Match points are won when Little Mac punches his
opponent. Uppercuts and effective punches win the
greatest number of match points.

Elapsed Time:
Shows the lapsed time for the current round.

Shows the number of the current round.


Screen display before fight



Screen display between rounds


This dialogue may be a helpful hint to winning the



France's Glass Jaw
Ranking: Minor circuit, 2nd
Record: 1 win, 99 losses, 1 KO
Place of origin: Paris, France
Age: 38
Weight: 110 lbs

The German Steel Machine
Ranking: Minor circuit, top
Record: 23 wins, 13 losses, 10 KOs
Place of origin: Berlin, West Germany
Age: 42
Weight: 144 lbs

Tropical Chief
Ranking: Major circuit, 2nd
Record: 18 wins, 9 losses, 18 KOs
Place of origin: South Pacific, Hippo Islands
Age: ??
Weight: ???


King Hippo's weak point: His body; you can knock him out
with body punches if you can
make him drop his guard.

The Reckless Bald Bull
Ranking: Major circuit, Champion
Record: 34 wins, 4 losses, 29 KOs
Place of origin: Istanbul, Turkey
Age: 36
Weight: 298 lbs

You'll also meet a bunch of other hard-punching veterans
in the ring, including Piston Honda, Don Flamenco, Great
Tiger, Mr. Sandman, Soda Popinski, and Super Macho Man.
Are you tough enough to go the distance?

Defeat all your opponents, then come face to face with
the legendary Mr. Dream in the dream fight!


Basic Technique
1. More of your punches will reach the opponent if you
aim where he's not guarding.
2. Little Mac won't be able to punch when he's tired
(when he has no hearts), and his opponent will
immediately start punching. Dodge his punches and
recover hearts.
3. Little Mac's left punch is a little faster than the
right, but it's not quite as strong.

Winning Technique
1. Dodge the opponent's punches and then punch back
immediately. You'll startle your opponent (his face
will show it). This is your chance -- punch furiously
and you should score.
2. If your opponent comes up on the count of 1 after
you've knocked him down, go with an uppercut for a
sure knock-down.
3. During an interval: Use the advice of trainer Doc
Louis to your best advantage.

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