Mike Tyson's Boxing (U) [!]

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final kaoss

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TopInfinite SpecialMadCatz71A69A20 6523
TopInfinite StaminaMadCatzD92AF871 47F4
TopMaximum TrainingMadCatzB961E4F9 C671
22E07C23 E322
TopQuick WindupMadCatzDED68C0D DB7B
DD468D58 C578
TopRival Has No StaminaMadCatz418A7822 65AB
TopRival Is Training DummyMadCatz45FB6C0F EEA3
TopUnlock All BoxersMadCatzCD8B7803 46FA
42A270A3 E322
TopWeaken Rival [Press Select]MadCatz613E007E 4DF1
C90A7873 07F8
Top[M] Must Be OnMadCatz927111DA 2E84
15E8FC81 67D2
3299F8A5 7AAA
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