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    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

    Alternate ending Earn seven trophies in Standard mode or five trophies in Proud mode.
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    Mighty Gunvolt Burst

    Hard Mode Beat the game once with either Beck or Gunvolt to unlock the Hard difficulty option for new games.
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    Metroid: Samus Returns (Nintendo 3DS)

    Bonus Chozo Memory 100% item completion, view first ten Chozo Memories.
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    Bust-A-Move Universe

    Awards Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding award. Award Task 100-Second Bubble Master Play 100-Second Bubbles 10 times. 100-Second Bubble Runner Reach 3000000 points in 100-Second Bubbles. 300-Second Bubble Master Play 300-Second Bubbles 10 times. 300-Second Bubble...
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    Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

    Various Unlockables Unlockable How to unlock Blackest Night Collect all Blackest Night costume parts. I am the night Beat New game plus on hard mode. New 52 Collect all New 52 costume parts. New Game Plus Beat the game on normal or hard. One million Collect all one million costume...
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    Frogger 3D

    Challenge Mode Complete every stage making sure to not skip over any when the path branches off and beat the game. The question marks on the main menu will now say Challenge.
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    F1 2011

    Awards Complete in-game tasks to unlock awards. There are 3 categories Easy, Medium and Hard. Award How to unlock April Shower (Easy) Win a race in the wet. Banger Racing (Medium) Repair damage to your car in the pits and go on to win the race. Challenger (Easy) Complete a challenge...
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    Various Achievements Achievement How to unlock 1hr Speedster Beat the game within 1hr. 2hr Speedster Beat the game within 2hrs. Item Collector Collected all items excluding secret items. Legendary Slayer Defeated 5000 monsters. Monster Hunter Defeated all monsters excluding rare...
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    Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

    Awards Awards are achievements players can unlock while playing the game. Players can see their Awards by going to the World Map Menu, choosing "Connect", then choosing "Profile Card", and finally look and read their descriptions on the bottom screen and choosing each one with a stylus. Awards...
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    Dragon's Dogma 2

    Various Achievements Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points. Achievement How to unlock Points A Badge of Honor Acquired a pawn badge. 10 A House? In This Economy? Purchased a dwelling of your own. 10 A Pawn of Many Talents Taught your pawn a...
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    Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

    100 Free Collection Mode Tokens Complete Xenoblade Chronicles 3D for the first time and then return to Collection Mode.
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    Alliance Alive

    Ex New Age Beat the game one time.
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    Unlocking Xbox Achievements may soon get you free MS Points

    Microsoft teases "rewards based on your achievements" this Autumn. If you are what's commonly referred to as an "Achievements Whore", you may soon have a real incentive to rake in those Xbox Gamerscore points besides feeling good about yourself on Xbox forums. Click here to read the full...
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