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Mario's Main Event Expert Level 61-70​

Complete the first 60 levels of Mario's Main Event.

Perfect Solutions​

Every "Perfect" solution in the game finds your Mini Toy gathering the coins in the following order: blue, then green, then red. If you're having trouble finding the solution, remember to work your way to the coins in that order.

Puzzle Palace​

Once you clear Mario's Main Event 1-10, you'll unlock Puzzle Palace.

The Five Minis​

You can choose from up to five different minis throughout the course of the game.

MiniHow to unlock
Mini Blue ToadPlay "Many Mini Mayhem".
Mini Donkey KongPlay "Giant Jungle".
Mini MarioPlay "Mario's Main Event".
Mini PaulineBeat all Minigames on level 1.
Mini PeachPlay "Puzzle Palace".
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