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    Mario Party: Star Rush

    Diddy Kong Reach Level 11 or scan a Diddy Kong amiibo.
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    Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move

    Mario's Main Event Expert Level 61-70 Complete the first 60 levels of Mario's Main Event.
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    Fractured Soul: Deep Void

    General Gameplay Tips By beating the par times usually involves holding down the walk button constantly, so keep this in mind when approaching an enemy or obstacle. If you're finding a certain part tricky to navigate, try saying what you're doing out loud. It certainly helps parse the action.
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    Farming Simulator 2012

    Seed level never decreases Fill the feeder that is used to plant the corn, wheat, etc. Before planting the seeds in the field, select the steering wheel to allow the CPU to plant the seeds in the field. You will find out that the level never goes down unless you plant the feed yourself.
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    Alternate ending Collect all twenty shiny trinkets to view the alternate ending.
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    Witch & Hero III

    Advanced Difficulty On the main game screen that says Start and Dictionary, input the following: X, X, Down, Left, Right (3x), Y, Up (4x)
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    KnightByte Network 3x Fresh WIPE

    https://knightbyte.net 24/7 Uptime | Nightly Server Restarts Experience seamless gameplay with our dedicated server, ensuring you never miss a moment in the KnightByte adventure. Regular nightly restarts keep the server running smoothly for an optimal gaming experience. Triple Experience...
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    Duck's Progressive Bases

    https://www.nexusmods.com/palworld/mods/83 Duck's Progressive Bases This mod progressively unlocks more bases for you to create the higher level your main base is. Currently, there are options for x1, x2, x3 more bases per base level. x1 - You unlock x1 base per level. (Level 2 -> 2 Bases...
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    Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    Level Passwords Enter the following codes at the password screen to take you to the corresponding level: Ice: DHCV Volcano: TJJT Internal: JMFJ Palace: QNFS Submarine: DCNC Cove: XDKV Fire: CFCS
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    Pokemon Puzzle Challenge

    Bellossom On normal level or higher, before fighting Clair, defeat your opponent in less than 25 seconds to face Lass. Defeat her and you'll get Bellossom.
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    Level passwords 2 - K6T@1 3 - 1QT@@ 4 - KQYXY 5 - 1@FVQ 6 - K@FVP 7 - @JFV4 8 - KJFZR 9 - 16TJV
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    Star Wars: Level Assault

    Cheat modePress Up + A, Down + A, Up + A, Up + A, Left + A, Right + A when the LucasArts logo spins during the introduction sequence. The words "LucasArts" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. The following cheat functions may now be enabled. Level skip Press C during game play...
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    POS2: level a new class

    So let's say I want to change main class or just to level another class, what is the best or fastest way to do it, since I don't have many stats or any good weapons, should I start from 0 and do all the quests or what?? I also don't have the important client orders that give a lot of XP that I...
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    How to disable option to enable level 4 brightness level?

    I am using 6.35 PRO B5,and feature to enable level 4 brightness really annoys me,since It consuming battery like mad :(.Can anyone help me do disable that feature?
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