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    1-120 Necromancy Ritual Guide 2024 - RuneScape 3

    Welcome to my necromancy rituals guide. In this guide I will walk you through the basics of necromancy rituals, but also show you how to get some of the best xp rates and give you some tips along the way. 00:00 Intro 00:23 Why do rituals? 01:01 Useful items & unlocks 02:46 How to begin...
  2. F

    Skyrim Anniversary Best Start + Tips & Much More

    Anniversary getting the best start possible! Hitting lots of the new content efficiently while staying away from mostly all questing! 1:27 Bandit Camp & Shrine of Talos -3 items to disenchant 2:07 The Guardian Stones -Mage Stone -Fishing 2:48 Anise's Cabin -Disenchant items -Flawless...
  3. F


    Level passwords 2 - K6T@1 3 - 1QT@@ 4 - KQYXY 5 - 1@FVQ 6 - K@FVP 7 - @JFV4 8 - KJFZR 9 - 16TJV
  4. C

    Tips for upgrading 5.50 gen d3to the latest firmware

    Hi bros, Please kindly assist to my request. Can I go for cfw 6.39 ME-9 straight? Or I need to update to 6.20? I read the post that lcfw 6.39 LME-9 is just a launcher. Im needed to launch it whenever I restart my psp right? Would appreciate your help, Thanks! Robin
  5. F

    Mortal Kombat Codes & tips (for Super Nintendo)

    Burn up in gray flames I found a cool but useless trick. Play a one player game until you get to the endurance matches. At the third endurance match, pick Raiden as your fighter and fight the rounds. When it says Finish Him, perform the electricution fatality (right, right, left, left, left...
  6. F

    Mega Man X2 codes cheats & tips (for Super Nintendo)

    Defeating Zero If you didn't defeat the X-Hunters in the first eight stages, then you'll have to fight Zero before Sigma. Bad move. If you defeat the X-Hunters (kind of wish they could of killed X first, the whiny little wuss), you'll get Zero's "Parts" back. (Warning: Zero fans should be...
  7. F

    Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems tips & passwords (for Super Nintendo)

    Fighting Thanos Equip the Hulk with the power gem to fight Thanos at the end. You'll beat him in no time.
  8. F

    Mario Paint tips (for Super Nintendo)

    Clicking on letters On the title screen, you can click on the letters and they will each do something different. This is what they do: M - Makes Mario shrink or grow. A - Makes the letter fall. Knocks Mario off if he's under it. R - The letter opens an eye and starts walking around. I - The...
  9. F

    Magic Sword Hints & Tips (for Super Nintendo)

    Warp to Hydra There is a magic door on the 34th floor that warps you directly to Hydra. To locate this elusive door, vaporize the two blocks and pay close attention to the pillars. Hit the fourth pair of pillars on the left to activate the switch that makes the door appear.
  10. F

    Madden NFL 95 Hints & Tips (for Super Nintendo)

    Expansion teams Before beginning a new game, go to the Game Setup screen (the one with two helmets at the top of the screen), highlight either the "Home" or "Visiting Team" option and press the following codes to be the expansion teams: For the Jacksonville Jaguars, press: L, R, L, R, A For...
  11. F

    Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals Hints, Tips & Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Get any capsule monster up to level 4 This is how you can get any capsule monster up to level 4, one of the cheapest ways: You should already be able to go to Forfeit Island. When you get there, keep buying 99 vice pliers and feed them to your capsule monsters--don't worry, there's no wasting...
  12. F

    Lufia and the Fortress of Doom Tips, Codes & Hints (for Super Nintendo)

    Old Cave tip Stuck in the Old Cave? If so, then this is for you. Go to the room with the collapsing bridges. Go in the bottom middle staircase. Walk on the rocks. You will float and will be able to walk all over.
  13. F

    Lost Vikings Tips & Passwords (for Super Nintendo)

    How do you beat Tomator on the Baelog part First you have to get to float with your shield across to the right side of the screen. Pick up the bombs. Now float to the middle and drop the bombs on to the bricks with him on it. He will fall through to the bottom.
  14. F

    Looney Tunes B-Ball Tips & Codes (for Super Nintendo)

    Wile E. Coyote tip If you have Wile E. Coyote on your team and you need an extra 3 points, use his long distance technique. It almost never misses.
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