Got Pro Action Replay or Game Genie codes for some Game Gear games? Post them here!!

final kaoss

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Pro Action Replay Codes:
Red-Haired Hero Life Modifier - 00C426:?? -Rune
Split Red-Haired Girl's Image Into Half - 00C343:04 -Rune

Pro Action Replay Code:
00c166:?? [05-10=Debug Options] [00-11=Acceptable Hex Values]

05=Map [warp anywhere in the game]
06=Phase [view every character picture in the game]
07=BGM [sound test]
08=Fight [go to any fight in the game]
0A=Chara [view all the text in the game?]
0B=Point [show your current coordinates]
0C=Scroll [find a locations coordinates on the screen]
0D=Flag [turn on/off event flags in the game]
0E=Scene [Chapter Modifier]
0F=Demo [view the 'CG' backgrounds]
10=Level [Character Level Modifier]

How to use the code:
Pause the game and turn on the code. Then un-pause, and hit the 2 button to enter into it's menu, then turn the code off as needed.
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