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  1. C

    Selling Dreamcast at school.

    From this week I started having this weird idea to sell Dreamcast at school. I Wish I was live to US, but I live in Europe and I found Overpriced Dreamcast (console only need, no box etc). I Want to sell them for max 65 euros complete with 1 game. Now if I started to sell other regions DCs, they...
  2. C

    Project Justice Rival School 2 - Promotional Copy?

    Hi guys hopefully you can help me out, I recently acquired a copy of project justice rival school 2 and upon inspection of the disc it has printed on the middle clear part ''Promotional copy - Not for resale''... although someone at some point has tried to scrub of the resale part. Can anyone...
  3. F

    School Tycoon

    Buildings never break downUse a text editor such as notepad to edit the following files in the "c:\program files\cat daddy games\school tycoon\data\buildings" folder: "restrooms.ini", "academic.ini", "administration.ini", "athletic.ini", "entertainment.ini", and "food.ini". Locate the...
  4. F

    High School Musical 3: Senior Year DANCE!

    100 Times the Dancer Reach 100 In-a-row. | [Sent by broncos7] 1K Cues Hit 1000 Cues. | [Sent by broncos7] 300 Times the Dancer Reach 300 In-a-row. | [Sent by broncos7] 4th Quarter Comeback Max out the performance meter after almost failing. | [Sent by broncos7] 50 Times the Dancer Reach...
  5. F

    [WiiWare] School of Darkness [WLTJ]

    WLTJ School of Darkness Infinite Flashlight 0400CA64 60000000 Pachinko x 10 001B8C97 0000000A TV Remote Control 001B8C95 00000001 Bomb x 10 001B8C93 0000000A Smoke Candle x 10 001B8C91 0000000A
  6. C

    Need Some Help.. Old School Modder

    I havent touched a psp since 2 weeks after original release day. I picked one up today and have no Idea how to mod it... i need some walkthrough help... Its a PSP Slim 2001 System Software Version 6.37
  7. F

    Lunar Walking School (J) [T+Eng] game genie and Pro Action Replay Codes (for Sega Game Gear)

    Pro Action Replay Codes: Red-Haired Hero Life Modifier - 00C426:?? -Rune Split Red-Haired Girl's Image Into Half - 00C343:04 -Rune Pro Action Replay Code: 00c166:?? [05-10=Debug Options] [00-11=Acceptable Hex Values] 05=Map [warp anywhere in the game] 06=Phase [view every character picture...
  8. F

    Hot Blood High School Dodgeball Cheat Codes (for TurboGrafx)

    Expert mode Press L, II ten times, Right, Select at the title screen. | [Sent by Neto] Invincibility Press Up, Down, Up, Up, Right, Down, Left three times, 2, 1 at the title screen. | [Sent by Neto] Unlimited time Press I three times, II, I, II, I, I, II, I at the title screen. | [Sent by Neto]
  9. F

    Ghoul School cheat codes (for NES)

    Air ducts warning When you get to the air ducts and onto the top row, you will see a skull with two green eyes implaced in the wall. Do not go into a door that is near the Skull!!!! You will fall right through the middle of the air ducts to instant death. Only go to the ones that aren't near...
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