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game genie

  1. Metal64

    aladdin game genie codes by metal64

    AW8V-YA6Jprojectiles give infinite hits Note: apples, camel spit, black lamp, and others projectiles will give infinites hits, but only in the place that they land AWLV-YA6G auto-fire sword DLRB-YN5L disable the "head bop" sound YMPV-YEEE everything falls Note: every enemy, platform...
  2. F

    Game Genie Code Booklet

    GAME GENIE(tm) FOR NES(r) CODES (c) 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 Lewis Galoob Toys, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Excerpts from Game Genie(tm) Code Updates made available for the private use of Game Genie owners. NO COMMERCIAL USE WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION. This file may be freely distributed for...
  3. C

    (Request) Holy Diver game genie code

    I need Holy Diver infinite lives game genie code please. The code on this site makes the game freeze if you fall in a pit.
  4. C

    (Request) Formula One Built to Win nes game genie codes

    I need always in first place game genie codes for Formula One Built to Win please.
  5. F

    Game Genie SNES Code Update Volume 2, No. 2

    Game Genie SNES Code Update Volume 2, No. 2 by Galoob ActRaiser 2 Battletoads/Double Dragon™ Bram Stoker's Dracula™ Bugs Bunny in Rabbit Rampage™™ Flashback™ Lethal Enforcer™ Mega Man X™ MBA Jam™ Paladin's Quest™ Ranma 1/2 Robocop versus The Terminator™ Run...
  6. C

    (Request) Spelunker 2 nes game genie codes

    I need invincible, infinite lives, and infinite keys nes game genie codes for Spelunker 2 please.
  7. C

    (Request) Cycle Race nes game genie codes

    Need infinite power and infinite damage nes game genie codes for Cycle Race please. Maybe even always first place codes please.
  8. C

    [MEGA DRIVE] Super Bubble Bobble MD game genie codes

    I recently found these game genie codes Game: Super Bubble Bobble MD System: Sega MegaDrive / Genesis Region: China Unlicensed -The ROM dump for this game has protection you need the by Pass code By Pass for insert codes FJVT-CA9E Infinite lives AXKT-AA74 Start with 10 lives BJCA-AAHY Start...
  9. C

    (Request) Top Rider nes game genie codes

    Need best time in grand prix game genie codes for Top Rider please.
  10. C

    [SNES] (US) Inindo: Way of the Ninja (Game Genie and PAR submission)

    I've been working on this game as a hobby and now I have a few interesting codes to share. I don't know anywhere else to share my codes besides Cheatzilla so I made a new account here to post this. Game Genie codes Hero has all 4 special skills (Renew, Flight, Cure1, Cure2) FEAF-D4D6 Giant...
  11. C

    (Request) Nes Strider high jump game genie codes

    I need high jump game genie codes for nes Strider please. I can't perform that wall jump in the game
  12. C

    (Request) Target Renegade game genie codes

    I need invincible nes game genie codes against bosses in Target Renegade please.
  13. C

    (Request) Japanese Airwolf nes game genie codes

    I need nes game genie codes for the Japanese Airwolf game please. I was surprised to see this is different from the North American version of the game.
  14. F

    Game Genie SNES Code Update, Volume 2, No. 3

    aloob Volume 2, No. 3 ■ Disney's The Jungle Book™ ■ Double Dragon 5™ ■ Dream TV™ ■ Equinox™ ■ Eye of the Beholder™ ■ Fatal Fury 2™ ■ The Incredible Hulk™ ■ Inspector Gadget™ ■ Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball™ ■ Knights of the Round™...
  15. C

    (Request) nes game genie codes Power Blade 1+2

    Need invincible from spikes for both games please.
  16. C

    (Request Indiana Jones nes game genie codes

    I need infinite bombs/infinite tnt and a way to keep sankara stones always in inventory please. I can easily make it thru levels 1-9. Level 10 is when it starts getting super hard!
  17. F

    Game Boy Game Genie Handbook 2.0

    GameBoy Game Genie Programing Guide Version 2 By Nick Joslin [email protected] created 08/13/96 (This file should be viewed with Notepad or edit) The reason for this file is to...
  18. F

    SNES Game Genie Code Creation Handbook version 6.6

    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ /\ \ /\ \ /\ \ /\ \ /\ \ //\\ \ //\\ \ //\\ \ //\\ \ //\\ \ ///\\\ \ ///\\\ \ ///\\\ \ ///\\\ \ ///\\\ \ /// \\\ \...
  19. F

    Super Metroid Game Genie Code FAQ

    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ /\ \ /\ \ /\ \ /\ \ /\ \ //\\ \ //\\ \ //\\ \ //\\ \ //\\ \ ///\\\ \ ///\\\ \ ///\\\ \ ///\\\ \ ///\\\ \ /// \\\ \...
  20. F

    How to Create NES Game Genie Codes

    Create NES Game Genie Codes This document was written by: Tony Hedstrom [email protected] This document explains how to make Game Genie codes for Nintendo (NES) games. This method of making GG codes works best only on RPG type games (or games like R.C. Pro Am 2 that have...
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