Lenovo’s all-screen smartphone was all talk

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Twenty-two days ago, Lenovo started hyping the upcoming launch for its Z5 smartphone. Lenovo VP Chang Cheng shared the above images of an all-screen smartphone on China's Weibo social network. Cheng said the device was a technical breakthrough and that it would have a 95-percent screen-to-body ratio. Three weeks later, neither of those claims appears to be accurate—if they ever were.
Lenovo has now made the Z5 available for pre-purchase in China, and the device on Lenovo's site differs significantly from the pre-release hype. Instead of the promised "all-screen" smartphone—which was shown in previous images to be notch-free—we're getting a device with a notch and a sizable bottom bezel. The "95-percent screen-to-body ratio" is now only claimed to be 90 percent.

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