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Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

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Instruction Booklet
Kirby 64
The Crystal Shards

Game Code: U/NUS-NK4E-USA

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About the Controller 2
The Crystal Shards... 4
Controllinig Kirby 7
Getting Started 8
Beginning Your Quest 10
Krby's Abilities 12
Kirby's Copy Ability 15
Power Combos 16
Inhaling and Exhaling 18
Exciting Discoveries! 19
The Bonus Game and Mini-Games 20
Friend of Foe? 22
Warranty & Service Information 25

PAGE 2 AND 3 (How to use the N64 Controller, Stick functions etc.)


In a distant corner of the galaxy, fairies lived peacefully on the planet
called Ripple Star. But then one day, a mysterious black cloud appeared
and surrounded the peaceful planet. The cloud, a sinister force known
as Dark Matter, had come in search of the fairies' secret
treasure---their shining Crystal.

(Pictures of the story)

Picture 1 - The fairies look skyward as their peace is about to be shattered.
Picture 2 - The strange black cloud approaches, speading across the sky in an instant...
Picture 3 - ... and Ripple Star is suddenly engulfed by Dark Matter!

A fairy named Ribbon knew that dreadful things would come to pass
if Dark Matter gained control of the powerful Crystal. She grabbed
the shining stone and escaped from Ripple Star--just before the
planet was completely engulfed.

But as Ribbon fled, three dark clouds splot from the mass of Dark
Matter to chase her through space. And when they caught up with
her and attacked, the fairies' crystal shattered into tiny shards,
which dropped like falling stars onto the many planets in the solar system.

(Pictures of the story)

Picture 4 - To protect the precious crystal, Ribbon grabs it and flees
from Ripple Star as Dark Matter descends.
Picture 5 - But the nervy fairy is pursued and attacked. The crystal is
shattered, and its shards scatter across the solar system.

Picture 6 - Meanwhile, a familar figure sits gazing at the night
sky, lost in thought...

Still holding one of the Crystal Shards, Ribbon fell onto the planet
called Pop Star, where--perhaps by fate--she ran smack in to Kirby.
After hearing her desperate plight, Kirby resolved to help Ribbon
recover all of the Crystal Shards.

Picture 7 - When he sees Ribbon's sad and troubled face, Kirby
decides to help her recover all of the Crystal Shards.

And so begins Kirby's latest adventure!


(See page 12 for information about Kirby's abilities)

L&R Buttons C Buttons
----------- ---------

- LIFT an inhaled enemy or a Power Star
- Press a second time to THROW the lifted object into the air

+ Control Pad

- Press LEFT or RIGHT to walk
- Quickly press LEFT or RIGHT twice to RUN
- After inhaling something, press DOWN to SWALLOW or COPY
- Press DOWN to duck
- When standing on a ledge, press DOWN to JUMP DOWN

B Button
- THROW an enemy or a Power Star
- INHALE when Kirby doesn't have a Special Power or Power Combo
- EXHALE after inhaling an object
- After copying an ability, ATTACK with your Special Power

A Button
- After jumping, FLY
- SWIM when underwater
- Press the A Button and DOWN on the + Control Pad to SLIDE

- PAUSE (See page 12)


1. Turn the Power ON
Properly insert your Kirby 64 Game Pak into the N64 Control Deck and turn the power ON. After a moment or two, the Cinema Screen will appear, followed by the Title Screen.
2. Select a File

Press START on the Title Screen to display the File Selection Screen.
After choosing a file and starting a game, your game data will
automatically be saved to the file you chose. Use the + Control
Pad to select one of the three save files. Next, press the A Button
to confirm a selection. Below are explanations of the different menu
displays and selections.

(Picture of File Selection Screen on Level 3, 23% done)

This box shows how far you've gotten in your adventure: Level 3
This box shows the percentage of crystals you've
collected. Look high and low to collect all the shards for a total of 100%! : 23%

If a file is empty, a file number will appear where the "Start" selection normally is.

Menu Choices Available:

- Start ... Begin your game.
- Options ... See the next page for details
- Delete ... Delete this file's saved data.

You can't recover deleted data, so be careful when deleting!


Crystal Clue! Excercise Your Options

From Mini Games to Special Settings

Mini-Games Test your skills with three wacky, multi-player Mini-Games!
(See page 21 for more information)

Enemy Info View Info Cards for each enemy character. If you get a card in
one of the Bonus Games at the end of each stage, that card's
data will show up under Enemy Info. (See page 20 for more
information on Bonus Games.) Boss Cards will appear only after you
defeat each boss. Each new card flashes as you take your first
peak at it. As you build your collection, you may end up getting
duplicates of cards you already have, so the remaining cards can
be realy hard to get your hands on! It takes a true Kirby
collector to find all the cards.

Theater Come to the Theater to see your favorite Kirby movies again and
again. Use the + Control Pad to scroll through the movies you've
seen in the game, then press the A Button to play one. Question
marks show up for movies you haven't seen, and you won't be able
to replay those until you've seen them in the game.

Settings SOUND
Press LEFT or RIGHT on the + Control Pad to switch between Stereo
and Mono.

Press the LEFT or RIGHT on the + Control Pad to select one of the
five display settings.

When choosing Stereo setting, be sure that your N64 is properly
connected for stereo output.


1. Choose a Planet

Choose "Start" on the File Selection Screen to make a map of the
planets appear. Press left or right on the + Control Pad to select
a level, then press the A Button to go to that planet. At first, Pop
Star will be the only planet you can choose.

The level displayed on the File Selection Screen represents a planet on the map.

2. Choose a Stage

First, choose a planet, then choose the area on that planet you want
to go to. Use the + Control Pad to move the crayon. After you select
a stage, press the A Button to begin your journey!

Stage Selection Screen

- You can visit any stage pictured here.
- Move the crayon to select a stage. If you choose the picture of the planet
in the top left corner, you'll return to the map.
- When you select a stage with the crayon, a Crystal Card will be displayed. Only
crystals you have found will be colored; crystals you haven't found will
simply be outlined. The die on the Crystal Card indicates the stage
number. A skull indicates a boss stage.

(Picture - Asking if you know how to use abilities)
The very first time you play Kirby 64, you'll see the screen on the left.
If you choose "Nope," an explanation of Kirby's Abilities appear.

Crystal Clue! Return to cleared stages and levels at any time!
You can back to any stage or level you've cleared whenever you want,
and you'll certainly want to if you clear a level without finding all the
Crystal Shards. You can even go back to just challenge yourself all over again!

3. Keep your eyes peeled for the Crystal Shards!

You must dodge or defeat each of your enemies as you work your
way through the different stages, but don't forget that the object
of your quest is to recover all of the Crystal Shards. Pop Star's
first stage is a perfect example of the quest that lies ahead...

Picture 1 - Dodge and defeat enemies as you go, but keep your
eyes open for crystals!
Picture 2 - Powerful enemies will try to stop you!
Picture 3 - Oh, NO! Dark Matter takes control...
Picture 4 - Fight your friend to free him from Dark Matter.
Picture 5 - Once free, he'll join your cause.

The Bonus Game will be the last step in clearing Stage 1. After you
finish the Bonus Game, you'll be able to go on to the next stage.
Once you defeat the boss on Pop Star's final stage, you can continue
to the next planet.


Kirby is a cool character of many talents.

The Game Screen

Before you play, you'll need to understand the Game Screen.

- Top Row: Kirby's Vitality Meter
- Bottom Row: Star Meter (See Page 19)

In a boss or guard battle, the Star Meter becomes the enemy's
Vitality Meter. (Guards are big enemies inside rooms-you have to
beat them to move on.)

(Lower left hand corner)
Kirby's Remaining Lives
When Kirby copies an enemy ability, it's Special Power symbol will be displayed here. When Kirby copies two abilities for a Power Combo, symbols will show up on both the left and right.
Special Powers


Crystal Clue! Pressing START during game play...

Press START during your game to display the Pause Screen on the
right. Choose "Continue" to return to your game in progress. Choose
"Try Again" to exit the current stage and return to the planet map.


Kirby's Actions

The Basics Master Kirby's basic skills first

+ Control Pad DOWN

- Swallow
- Copy
(After inhaling)
- Duck
(When standing)
- Jump Down
(When standing on certain

+ Control Pad LEFT and RIGHT

- Walk
- Dash
(Double Tape)

L or R Button
C Buttons

- Lift
(After inhaling or copying)
- Throw into the air
(After lifting)

A Button
- Swim
(when underwater)
- Jump
(When standing)
- Fly
(When in midair)

B Button
- Use your Special Power
(After copying)
- Swallow
- Throw
(After lifting)
- Exhale
(After exhaling)

Simple Attacks Here's how Kirby attacks when he has no
Special Powers

On Land or Underwater
Press the B Button once to inhale an enemy or block, then again to
exhale, shooting it back out. This is Kirby's most basic attack. If
you inhale two or more at the same time, then exhale, they
combine to create an enemy-piercing blast!

In Midair
Press the B Button while Kirby is flying to shoot an air blast. It's
not very powerful, but it's better than nothing.

Climbing These moves come in handy in certain spots

Grab a pole or ladder RIGHT climb UP or DOWN Climb onto a ledge

Press the A Button to let go of a pole or ladder.
You can sometimes fly up through a ledge to stand on top of it.

Crystal Clue! Friends in Need

In some stages, you'll have to ride down a mine track or on a raft
with a friend. You may even have to ride on a friend's back to get
where you're going!


The Copy Ability

When it comes to swallowing enemies with Special Powers and copying
their powers for his own use, Kirby is unmatched! It doesn't do any
good to swallow enemies that have no Special Powers, though.

Special Power
If you swallow Sir Kibble... you can copy the Special Power, Cutter!

Special Power
If you swallow Bouncy... it ends in a gulp, and Kirby gets no Special Power.

The Copy Ability

Here's how you copy enemy abilities.

Press the B Button to inhale an enemy that has a Special Power.

Press DOWN on the + Control Pad to swallow that enemy.

You've copied the Special Power! Now press the B Button to use it!

Crystal Clue! Don't lose hard-earned Special Powers!

Once you copy a Special Power, you won't lose it if you travel to
a new stage or planet. If you take a hit from an enemy, though,
you may lose your Power Star---and the copied power. If you
inhale and swallow that Power Star again, you'll regain the same
Special Power.


Kirby's copy ability has evolved!

Power Combos
If Kirby manages to copy two Special Powers at the same time, he
gains a powerful ability called a Power Combo. Combine different
Special Powers for entirely different Power Combos, or combine
two of the same Special Powers for a super-powered version of
that ability!

Needle + Cutter > The Needle-Cutter Combo!

Four Methods for Obtaining Power Combos!
Four common methods for gaining Power Combos are detailed
below. When you want a combo, choose the easiest method based
on your current status.

Power Combos - Method 1 Simultaneously swallow two enemies
that have Special Powers.

1. Inhale two enemies that have Special Powers in one big breath.
2. Next, swallow both enemies to gain the Power Combo!


Power Combos - Method 2 Shoot one enemy into another.

1. Inhale an enemy with a Special Power
2. Exhale, shooting that enemy out so that is hits another enemy.
3. After colliding, the two will transform into a Combo Star.
4. Inhale and swallow the Combo Star to gain that Power Combo!

Power Combos - Method 3 Throw one enemy into another.

Inhale an enemy with a Special Power, then press the L or R Button
to lift the inhaled enemy. Next, press the B Button to throw that
enemy into another enemy that has a Special Power.

Power Combos - Method 4 Throw a Power Star at an enemy

1. Copy one enemy's Special Power
2. Press the L or R Button to Lift the copied Special Power's Power
Star, then throw it at another enemy.
3. After colliding, the two will transform into a Combo Star
4. Swallow the Combo Star to copy that Power Combo!

Crystal Clue! If you throw a Combo Star, it'll blast through any
enemies in it's way, but then it will vanish.

Here's what you can do after inhaling.

B Button
              \    : Exhale attack
After Inhaling \   : Swallow
                        - After swallowing a block or an enemy that has no Special Power
               /   : Copy
              /          - After inhaling an enemy that has a Special Power.
              -----                                     |
                  |                                     |
L & R, C Buttons  |                                     |
LIFT--------------------B Button Throw          L & R, C Buttons         
                                                      /   |
                                                     /    |
                                        L & R, C Buttons  |  
                                        /                 |
                                       /            B Button Throw  
                               Throw the Power
                               Star or enemy
                                straight up


Make the most of the items you find!

When Kirby's tired... > ... eat to regain strength!

This is Kirby's favorite snack. Eat this miracle fruit to regain all your strength!

Eat any one of these to recover a little strength.

- Ice Cream Bar
- Cake
- Sparerib
- Sandwich

Collect these to get something good!

Yellow Stars
Collect 30 to earn an extra life!

Red Stars
Red Stars are worth 5 Yellow Stars.
(You can find these only in Bonus Games.)

Green Stars
Green ones are worth 3 Yellow Stars.
(You can find these only in Bonus Games.)

Blue Stars
Blue ones are worth 10 Yellow Stars! Return to where you
found a Crystal Shard to get one of these!

Very important Items!

Invincibilty Candy
Kirby becomes invincible!
(...for a little while

Info Card
Collect Enemy Info Cards in Bonus Games

When you grab one these, you'll automatically get
an extra life!


The Bonus Game
Test your broad jump skills in the Bonus Game at the end of each
stage. It's a very simple game-just aim for the item you want, then
make Kirby jump toward it. You'll find stars, recovery items and Info
Cards, which you can then view under Enemy Info on the Options meenu.
(See page 9.)

The Bonus Game > Getting What You Want

1. Kirby will look left and right. The moment Kirby faces the item you
want, press the A Button. That's how you choose the direction he'll jump!

2. After you choose a direction, Kirby will start swinging his arms
forward and back. Press the A Button when he swings them
forward, he'll jump only a short distance. Consider the distance to
the item you want, and take care when timing your jump!

Crystal Clue! What Happened?
If Kirby doesn't land on an item, you won't get anything! Don't miss!


The Mini Games
Choose the "Mini-Game" selection under "Options" on the File Selection
Screen to play one of three Mini-Games. Up to four people can play,
so challenge your friends!

NOTE: When playing with two or more human players, you'll need one
controller for each player.

The Bonus Game - Getting Ready
First, choose the Mini-Game you'd like to play. Next, choose the
number of human players (see box) and which characters the
players will control. At first, the only computer skill level you will
be able to choose will be Easy, but once you take first place, you
will be able to choose the next-highest difficulty setting and do
battle against even tougher computer-controlled opponents!

The Mini-Games will always have four contestants. If there are only
one, two or three human players, the remaining contestants will be
controlled by the computer. The characters the computer controls
determined randomly.

100 Yard Hop
A Button - Hop 2 Spaces
B Button - Hop 1 Space

Carefully hop to the finish line. Watch out for puddles and frogs!

Bumper Crop Bump
LEFT OR RIGHT + A Button, Bump

Catch the falling food in your basket. Use the + Control Pad and
A Button when it's time to bump someone.

Checkerboard Chase
A Button, Drop Blocks

Get the drop on your opponents! When all the others have fallen
five times, you win!

If you set a new record in a Mini-Games, that record will
automatically be saved. The stars on the Result Screen indicate
the number of times you took first place. The stars will disappear
when you quit playing.


Finally, it's time to introduce the cast of characters!

Kirby, naturally, is the hero of of this tale. Kind and jolly by nature,
he turns tough-guy lend his storied talents to the imperiled fairies
of the Ripple Star planet. Surely he'll be able to recover the Crystal Shards.

A fairy from Ripple Star, Ribbon escapes the planet with the
fairies' Crystal, only to fall victim to a Dark Matter ambush.
When she loses control of the Crystal, she turns to Kirby for help.

Long-time rival King Dedede finds one of the missing Crystal
Shards on his castle grounds. Whatever will he do with it?

Kirby cohort Waddle Dee gets himself in gobs of trouble when he
happens upon another of the powerful Shards.

Adeleine, an aspiring young artist, comes to Pop Star to study
art but finds herself in the middle of a Dark Matter mess.


(Notes Page)

PAGE 24 AND 25

(Warranty Information)
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